Colton Haynes reveals the real reason he left the teen wolf and the arrow – he ‘couldn’t’

Colton Haynes Talking! He made some tough decisions while parting ways with his most notable roles – and now he’s finally getting it right. Real Because he’s gone.

He recently published a book called Haynes Miss Memory LaneAnd in this memoir the star opens with a farewell to fan-favorite shows that he was an integral part of – CWOf Arrows And MTVOf Teen Wolf.

It was initially believed that the now 33-year-old left Teen Wolf The deal was negotiated, but the rumors were much worse than suggested. He made it clear that his straight up Less Salary checks were a huge problem:

“The fact of the matter is that they didn’t want to pay me the same amount as everyone else, which was not the norm for Hollywood. Although my work quote – the remuneration I received for appearing on someone else’s show – was more than most of the cast. “

But there was also interpersonal drama! The former MTV star added that things have become more difficult for the team he is working with:

“It didn’t help that I was represented by a team that made the life of a teen wolf production a living hell. So to get back into my team, the production refused to pay me a standard salary.”

He is claiming Teen Wolf The production team refused to pay his full salary because the people he represented were annoying? That doesn’t sound fair …

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After leaving the MTV drama, Colton moved on to his next most popular role – Roy Harper On Arrows. He was the main character in the first seven seasons, then in the eighth and final season he was not seen!

The San Andreas The actor shared that his repetitive role had a lot to do with his mental health:

“I left my full-time job at Arrow earlier this year, presumably because my contract was over, but it really was because I was so depressed …”

Depression is a debilitating issue, even for a TV star – and we sincerely hope that the self-proclaimed “four-year-old quiet” actor is feeling better now. Buuuut it wasn’t all internal. Apparently there was a big conflict with the co-actor! He added:

“… and I couldn’t stand working with one of my cast members.”

What ?? WHO ?? You’re just going to annoy that, Colton? In your memoirs ?! Now we need to know … Which customer felt so bad about his nerves ?! It could be the star Stephen Amel? They looked so tight! Hmmm.

Maybe his second book, Colton, will tell us more about what really happened on those production sets! Until then, who do you think it was? Let us know in the comments below)!

[Image via Instagram/Colton Haynes/Stephen Amell/Twitter/Dylan O’Brien]

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