Concert nightmare !! Halsey canceled the Maryland show as a storm and RATS flooded

Eeewww! These poor fans!

Halsey They were forced to cancel their Maryland concert on Wednesday night after the venue was caught in the middle of a wild storm!

The musician, who uses the pronoun he / she, was supposed to perform at the event Marioweather Post Pavilion In Columbia, Maryland, when the National Weather Service issued a tornado and flood warning for the area around 8 p.m., when the performer opener was already on stage.

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Fans waited patiently for the 27-year-old to resume the event – but in doing so, they got stuck in a torrential downpour that quickly flooded the venue !! Three hours after the concert was announced, the show was canceled at 10 p.m. Venue wrote Twitter:

“The Halsey show is not going to happen because of the technical problems with the weather. Please refer to an email from Ticketmaster for more information, or read your purchase point. “

The technical difficulty is a way to describe it … At the same time, the pop star went straight to her Twitter account to share the shocking news to their followers:

“I am heartbroken and terrified at the moment and I just want to know when / you will all return home safely. I love you the most. “

Security concerns were no joke!

Footage of people inside the venue quickly hit the internet as the concert participants tried their best to stay as dry as possible. One person posted a video inside a bathroom at the venue where dozens of people – literally soaking wet – gathered inside to wait for the “stormy tornado alert”.

Those who were not so lucky to find shelter were stuck in the venue with ankle-deep water and rats! Yes, you read that right !!

One man, who was supposed to be in the front row of the concert, uploaded a video of an event staff standing on the stage kicking a rogue rat into a hole! Bad !! Bad enough to get wet! Watch the ch-ch-insanity clip (below).


Seeing the intensity of the storm, one person quipped:

“Halsey’s team is all out with a special impact for this tour.”

Only if! Take a look at more corners of this ghost story (below):

So stingy!

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Her fans are terrified of what she’s gone through and why everyone was forced to wait for a concert that would never happen. Instagram Live The cancellation was announced soon on Wednesday night. They explained that “meteorologists” believed the storm was going to get smaller. Everything changed in the blink of an eye, and at the time, local authorities thought it was safe for everyone to “take refuge in the place”, they explained:

“There were some unexpected and unpredictable weather that meteorologists did not see coming. Some storm cells that become really, really fast and immediately dangerous. What happened was that the local authorities advised us to set up a shelter. That means we had to keep your people at the venue because it wasn’t safe to evacuate everyone at once because of being trampled, because of the traffic, because of everything else. “

Officials further thought that the bad weather could clear up as soon as possible, so they did not immediately cancel the show. Somewhat emotional, they concluded:

“I literally care more than anything and I’m going to make it for you. No one could have predicted that the weather was going to do it and that it had changed so quickly. Friends i love you I pray that everyone makes it home safely. Please send me a tweet and tell me you’re at home and tell me you’re okay. I’m not going to be watching them all. Friends i love you I’m sorry it happened in such a chaotic and confusing way. “

That’s great! Their transparency must be appreciated! Things like this can get so complicated in moments, especially when dealing with frustrated fans and scary weather. But more should have been done, obviously. Halsey blamed the scene for mismanagement of the situation, later adding on Twitter:

“I really want to add that tonight the venue managed everything and I was not disappointed with my rescheduled date happening elsewhere. I hear you loud and clear, I promise. “

Dang! Listen to Halsey’s full explanation (below).

We hope everyone made it safely at home and warm and dry today! Think, fan reader ?? Have you ever experienced something like this at a concert?

[Image via The Tonight Show/Halsey/YouTube ]

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