Congressman claims he has been told the wreckage has been recovered from the UFO!

Another day, another UFO bomb shell that officials have been hovering over for years!

A U.S. congressman is now claiming that the country has recovered “material” from reported objects or crafts in the state’s skies.

Fame. Tim Barchet He did not elaborate The sun Intel sent him to a “classified setting”, but he suggested:

“I have been told by multiple sources that we have recovered some of them [crafts or objects]”


The way Washington will lead the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation subcommittees during the first UFO hearing in decades is spreading what Burchet has heard.

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For his part, however, Burchet – who is not on the committee – does not believe in congressional hearings because he believes that Washington’s institutions will cover up what they know about UFOs – despite the evidence, alien life could change the world. He thought:

“It will eliminate ‘foreign boogiemen’.”

Barchett stressed that the public “needs[s] To know “the truth about alien life, add:

“All we do is hide, let’s just be transparent – tell the world and ‘we’ve got it, we’re going to share it and we’ll understand what it’s all about’?… I don’t know ‘ No. It’s bringing in people who have created problems to solve the problem. “

For a recent Pentagon report on UFOs, Barchett denounced them as “fake” and described them as “Swiss cheese” because of the amount of corrections. He continued:

“We need full disclosure. This is what we know and this is what we do not know. We can and should do better. ”

After the hearing, he doubled down:

“The UFO hearing this morning was a complete joke. We should have heard from people who could talk about things they saw in person, but instead the witnesses were government officials with limited knowledge who could not really answer serious questions. “

Tennessee Republicans say he is in the minority in Congress. He noted that there is still a lot of opposition among elected legislators who do not want to touch the issue with “ten foot poles” for political reasons.

However, Barchett said he believes the public’s curiosity is growing, and the stigma surrounding the discussion of UFOs is beginning to fade. He added:

“I don’t care if they abuse me, I think the American people need to know – I even put up a T-shirt on my website saying ‘more people believe in UFOs than Congress,’ and that’s true.”

Yes! There is nothing wrong with that …

Barchett said The sun He spoke privately with U.S. pilots who encountered the mysterious plane, sharing:

“The only reason we’re talking about this right now is because of the leaked video of the US Navy and the pilots who saw it. I’ve talked to other pilots [who have seen things] – And these people are some of the best in the world and very patriotic… these are people in their 20s who are very confident in their abilities – many of them laugh at it because they have no control. It’s a wild thing, [objects] Turn on a dime, and accelerate at an incredible rate without any hit trail. It’s a miracle. “

He acknowledges that the only other explanation for the encounters would be US black technology – but he thinks the theory is an extension. He explained:

“According to our technology, a person cannot survive in it – he will be turned into a packet of ketchup. There’s no heat from friction on the front end or propulsion on the back – something that’s obviously something we can’t and can’t control right now. “

The congressman disagreed with experts who suggested that revelations about alien life could harm society and the world’s religions, adding:

“In God’s vast universe, if you think we are the best God you can hold God in low esteem. Even if you believe in God, there must be something else – we cannot be that. Infinity is a long way off. “

Do you think we will ever know the truth about this, Perezius reader? If so, what will be the reaction of the society? Comment and share your thoughts.

[Image via 20th Century/YouTube.]

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