Convicted murderer stabs prison bus driver and now escapes as police

A convicted murderer of Texas has escaped from a prison transport bus in the eastern part of the state. Now, authorities in the vicinity of the town of Centerville are looking for him frantically.

Gonzalo LopezA 46-year-old inmate is being sentenced to life in prison for killing the capital outside Hidalgo County, being taken to a prison bus on Thursday afternoon when he stabbed the driver, forced the bus off the road and fled on foot.

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According to multiple media reports from Lone Star State, Lopez (pictured above) was chained to the back of a bus that was taking prisoners to a medical appointment in Leon County. At approximately 1:20 local time, the man somehow managed to get out of his composure and ran to the front of the bus.

Once there, authorities reported that he stabbed or cut the driver with an unknown object and tried to grab the driver’s gun. Lopez failed to get the weapon, but he fled the scene when the bus veered off the road. At least one armed correctional officer was also on the bus KHOU 11 News And other local media outlets.

A frightening situation has occurred along Highway 7 near Interstate 45, just outside the city of Centerville. It’s about two hours north of Houston in East Texas. As of Thursday night, authorities in rural areas were still searching for Lopez, who has yet to be found. As of Friday

KBTX The report said Lopez was apparently shot while fleeing, but did not appear to have been hit during the escape. The prisoner was last seen “running across a pasture” area, per KHOU 11 News, Requesting an “intense search” for him. As of Friday morning, the TV news outlet had reported that at least two schools in the area had canceled classes due to extreme caution while police were searching for the missing person.

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The Texas Department of Criminal Justice The warning was issued Thursday afternoon, alerting the public in Leon County about the fugitive and urging anyone who could see him to contact authorities immediately:

Lopez, who has a 1994 criminal record, was convicted in March 2006 of capital murder for a felony.

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According to the TDCJ, Lopez has been convicted of three counts of aggravated assault and one count of attempted murder over the years, with a few more charges. He was sentenced to life in prison, with his first possible parole scheduled for April 2045.

Here is the latest news from Friday morning in search of the fugitive killer:

So scary.

According to authorities, Lopez escaped from prison in a white suit and may still be wearing it later.

Police are calling anyone in the area who can see him to call 9-1-1 immediately.

[Image via KENS 5 News/YouTube/Texas Department of Criminal Justice]

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