Couple caught breaking jail! You can’t believe how the chase ended!

Update 7:00 PM PST: Vicky White is dead.

The former corps officer, who helped murder suspect Casey White escape after he began a romantic relationship with her, was wounded in a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police and U.S. marshals approached.

We now know that the gunshots were in the head. He was rushed to Decones Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at the scene. Vanderburgh Coroner Steve Lockyer He told reporters:

The Vanderburgh County Coroner’s Office, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Marshal’s Service are investigating the death of Vicky White, a fugitive from Alabama.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

The hunt is over. Whites have been caught.

If you haven’t heard, Casey White, A prisoner in Lauderdale County Jail, Florence, Alabama, has been on the run for more than a week – after a correctional officer helped him escape! Assistant Director of Correction Vicky White (No relationship) Lauderdale has been with the County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, but this big, Nazi-tattoo-sports murder suspect did it for him. Because she broke out and broke her ass!

On Friday, April 29, Vicky was apparently not questioned when she claimed she was taking Casey to a mental health hearing – but apparently there was none. The two have disappeared, and have been pursuing law enforcement ever since. This was particularly frightening for both the general public and Vicky as the 38-year-old prisoner’s latest allegation was that he confessed to stabbing a 58-year-old woman to death after she was killed.

Buss, now the two are finally back in custody.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff said at a news conference Monday afternoon Rick Singleton He explained that there was a tip from the public on Sunday night that the couple was staying at a hotel in Evansville, Indiana. When the police entered, the car was chased. The white man’s car was wrecked, and he was taken into custody without police firing.

Wow, really? We guess when it came to one of their own, they figured out how to get caught without firing a hundred rounds through the door.

However, Vicky was shot. He was apparently detained with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It was not immediately clear when or why he shot himself, but the local Vanderburgh County Sheriff said. Dave’s wedding He is in the hospital, and his injuries are “very serious.” Sheriff Singleton added:

“I hope he survives. He has some answers for us and hopefully we will have a chance to get those answers. “

Hopefully he will recover and be able to face criminal trial for his part to escape. He is considered a mastermind, as Sheriff Singleton explained that most escapes are spontaneous, as prisoners see an opportunity and go for it. It was planned – and took out preparatory work:

“This escape was clearly planned and calculated. A lot of preparations have been made for this. They had a lot of resources, they had the cash, they had the vehicles, they had everything they needed to get it off, and that’s what made the last week and a half so challenging. We started at Ground Zero, and not only that, we started – they started a six-hour head start on us. “

It is believed that whites – who are not related again – formed a romantic relationship while in prison. The day of the escape was the last day of his job after applying for retirement. He sold his home a month ago, probably for cash on the street.

Obviously that scenario is unlikely to repeat itself, but Singleton added that additional precautions will be taken:

“She is OK. He will be handcuffed and shackled while in that room and if he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, so be it. He is no longer getting out of this prison. I will assure you. “

What do you think about this caper, perezcious sleuths resolution ??

[Image via Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office.]

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