Courtney and Travis’ Italian wedding Sponkon for Dolls and Gabbana – and

If you think you’ve seen Carzena’s group sorted out a lot Dolls and Gabbana Pieces over the last few days during their wedding-related trek in Italy, well, you’re doing something.

As Courtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Get ready for their Sunday wedding in the beautiful city of Portofino, with new reports coming in that the whole thing is being sponsored by the fashion house!

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It has been said in a published report Sunday, 43 years old Push Founder and 46 years old Blink-182 The drummer alleged that their entire official shindig was sponsored by the luxury fashion house in an “exclusive deal”. Of course, over the last few days KarJenner has repeatedly shown Fame the expensive Dolce & Gabbana costume, so it probably wasn’t. Too much Two and two are hard to do together, as they say. But still, it’s still an interesting confirmation!

For weddings, the luxury brand has reportedly left no stone unturned. According to the news outlet, the wedding guests will be taken from their hotel to the port of Portofino “in a fleet of four classic woods this afternoon. Riva Equipped with animal print cushions and towels, including speedboats, dolls and Gabbana accessories. “

Once in the sights, guests will walk through a tunnel to the nearby hillside where a lift will take them. Castello Brown, Where the ceremony itself will take place. According to the outlet, the Italian fashion house is “intimately involved in organizing every aspect of the wedding celebration in question” for both the event and the celebration that followed.

Heck, Court and Travis are even on the charge Queen of ItalyA super-yacht believed to be owned Stefano Gabbana, Co-founder of the world famous fashion house. And a pop-up D&G shop, described in the outlet as “Galleria d’Art”, opened earlier this week in Portofino’s Market Square Piazza “to capitalize on the public interest in marriage”.

A so-called internal outlet has opened, saying:

“The opening of the shop is entirely due to marriage.”

Hey, whatever works, doesn’t it ?!

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Then again, fans and followers Twitter For the reality TV star and longtime fashion brand, Sponcon was almost not so generous or excited about the situation.

Here are some of the very, very bitter reactions to KarJenner Fame’s fashion campaign during a trip to Italy:

“How much did Travis X Courtney Kardashian charge Chris Dolce Gabbana on his wedding weekend in Italy? Lots of 0 seconds on that check”

“Is Courtney’s wedding sponsored by Dolls & Gabbana?” You know, these celebrities never pay for anything. Ha ha ha “

“Dolls and Gabbana are getting married to Courtney and Travis, how tasteless”

“Courtney is getting married to a d & g in Dolce & Gabbana [sic] “Kardashian’s cheap is very strange,” he said publicly.

“What did Dolce & Gabbana do to persuade Courtney to turn her whole marriage into an ad for them, doesn’t it seem right to me ??”

“I think it’s really weird that Courtney and Travis’ wedding was obviously sponsored by Dolce & Gabbana. But the real concern here is why would you choose D&G of all Italian brands to dress everyone up for your wedding ???”

“I hope Courtney did better than D&G for her wedding dress.”

“Sponsoring Courtney Kardashian’s wedding makes me think of Dolls and Gabbana. [sic] He has the last leg. “

“I love Courtney Kardashian, I love Courtney and Travis, but not that Dolce & Gabbana arranged the whole family for the wedding.”


Some of these comments … uh … certainly not polite. Let’s do it that way.

What about your response, Perezcious reader ?? How do you like this report ?!

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