Courtney Kardashian accidentally breaks her engagement ring – but Travis Barker’s

Courtney Kardashian It was one of those moody times where he would break into endless soliloquy with himself Horrible, terrifying It wasn’t just a luxury item, it was a priceless gift – the engagement ring he got from his fianc. Travis Barker After she proposed to him romantically on a SoCal beach!

Oh no !!

The 43-year-old reality TV star accidentally opened her mouth about breaking the ring as part of the latest episode. Kardashians On Hulu. The EP, which debuted for fans on Thursday, was a memorable segment where Momagar Chris Jenner Courtney is asked why she did not wear her engagement ring.

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She is ashamed of the reason behind not having jewelry on that finger Push The founder unequivocally explained what had happened to his 66-year-old mother. The court revealed that he took off his ring while working, forgot it, and accidentally set foot on it shortly afterwards:

“It simply came to our notice then. This is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever done in my life. I was sitting on my floor folding my sweatshirt and I took off the ring and I put it on the floor next to me, thinking it would be safe next to me. So I had to get something upstairs in my closet and when I got down I put my foot in the ring. I’ve been crying in my closet for hours. “

No! That’s bad! And we fully understand why he would cry over the situation. We will too!

Terrified, the mother of three called him Blink-182 Drummer Beau with bad news. As Courtney later reminded Chris, Travis took it in stride and showed him the loving support he had come to expect from her:

“And then I called Travis and I was like, ‘I did something really, really bad.’ He handled it well. But it really gave me a nervous breakdown. I was just like, ‘This is the most beautiful thing in my life. How could I do it?’

Love it!

The court later explained in a confession that he was “so emotional” about the ring-breaking that it took Travis so long to choose it for himself before the proposal:

“Travis picked it up, he designed it, he looked at a lot of rocks [and thought] That this I was a stone. I thought it was really special. “

Fortunately, the ring was fixed! Wow!

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The court also has incredible compliments for his 46-year-old partner. Later in her chat with Chris about the whole situation, the interior design fan told her mother how much she admired Travis, saying:

“I have never met a good person in my life. Thoughtfulness and just about everything. “

Ah! Love to hear it. Honestly, it turned out to be a nice thing in the end. The ring is fixed, and she learns that her husband is going to be the most understandable person! That’s really priceless!

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