Courtney Kardashian and Shanna Mokler were talking about this amazing thing

Shanna Moaklar Breaking her silence about her ex-husband Travis BarkerIts outstanding Italian marriage Courtney Kardashian – And, TBH, we’re shocked at how polite he is these days !!

I’m talking Our weekly Shanna said Thursday about the big “I do”:

“I wish the happy couple a happy marriage. I just want the best for my children. “

She shares On the ground18, and Alabama16, with Blink-182 The drummer is also with his mother Atiana de la Hoya23, with whom he shares Oscar de la HoaAlthough the musician has been close to her since their breakup in 2008.

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Seeing all of them included in the wedding ceremony meant a lot to the mother, who added:

“It was a beautiful gesture to include my kids in such a fantastic subject.”

They’ve traveled for the whole relationship, so it’s not a big deal to include them in the wedding ceremony, but we understand what she’s talking about! And did we catch a compliment there? Really girl There is Change his tune!

That’s how open to consider a shock type Fans only The star has been about slamming Kardashians Lead in the past! Not only did he like a post that suggested Rock Star “downgrade” when linking to the reality star, but sources also claimed that Mokler hated that his kids were spending so much time with Carzena’s fame, an insider said. The sun Just last month:

“Every time there is news about Courtney and Travis, he gets angry – because of how he feels. She also hates the fact that her kids spend so much time with the Kardashians and they enjoy it. “

Welcome! Looks like he’s taking the high road now that the court is stuck around for good and his kids are getting more and more attached to the famous fame! Watch London’s match with the court Khalo Kardashian Wedding time (below)!

She’ll have to overcome her dislike for their relationship in the end, won’t she ?! It’s best to start early so that the mixed family can stay a little more friendly!

Undoubtedly, it has been disappointing to see wedding news all over the place this week, though. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Us. This is a special advantage of a destination wedding!

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Another reason she might feel A-OK about marriage? It looked Too much Different from her own, at the beginning of the romance she seemed to be worried about something like that! One of the biggest annoyances about the 47-year-old couple was that when they were just starting out, there was a “weird” way they “tied” to the things she and Travis used – in particular, the film. True romance. From that movie he not only roasted their 2021 Halloween costumes, but he also got older Us:

“I am not bothered by them and I do not find them scandalous or anything. Choose, if you are in love and you want to show it, go for it. [But] I’m not abusing my past relationship. What was strange was that they were posting about a movie [True Romance] That’s basically the bond between Travis and I. I used to call her Clarence in the movie. We named our daughter after the Alabama character in the movie. I walk down the corridor You are so calm From True romance. Our first dance at our wedding was a love song True romance

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Fortunately, Cravis had nothing to do with the wedding flick (as far as we know, at least)! Thinking about this, Perezcious reader? Are you surprised that Shanna is not being strict?

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