Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker had a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ butch party … see

Points for creativity!

Courtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Appears to be boo’d up for the long term! Emphasis on BOO! The 43-year-old reality star has always had a different taste than her celebrity sisters, and she seems more confident than she used to express it with Travis. She is now a Hot Goth mother!

Courtney took Instagram To share photos from inside her and Travis’ joint bachelor-bachelor party on Wednesday where they had lots of “Romeo and Juliet Vibes” to go on tour. (Of Of course They are going to be together! Somehow the court will not allow Travis to have his own party after hearing his last word!)

The party actually took place before their May wedding, but Cravis now chooses to share photos about a month later!

When it comes to Kardashian, we can never say that we were surprised at a gorgeous party. But usually this is not spooktacular! Do they really turn? Chris JennerPalm Springs Palace on Verona Beach ??

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Looks like this pair didn’t ride their love celebration afterglow! To get up to speed, here’s a quick timeline recap:

  • The 46-year-old drummer first proposed to the court in October last year while walking on a romantic beach surrounded by candles and roses.
  • Then, six months later, in April of this year, the two had a spontaneous, intimate wedding in Vegas after Grammy.
  • After that, the couple actually had to formalize it a month later at a Santa Barbara courthouse because there was no marriage license in Vegas.
  • And finally, Cravis attended the grand finale of all the celebrations in Portofino, Italy with their loved ones in May, and yes it was absolutely beautiful.

With all these different occasions, a Bach Party completely blows our minds! But the Calabasas couple must not forget. To add to the Romeo and Juliet theme, the energy couple decorated the place with candles, red lights, hearts (symbolic and physiological) and lots of desserts – stamped with “Kravis 4Ever”.

We are absolutely alive for them!

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We truly believe this could be the beginning of Courtney’s lasting relationship – let’s hope she lives longer than Juliet …

She’s sure she’s putting all her eggs in one basket … literally. It was revealed in Hulur’s The Kardashians that Cravis was trying to conceive a child of their own and that no procedure was out of the table. From egg recovery to more natural methods such as panchakarma purification, quick sex, and drinking drummer sperm, to which Travis considers the couple “grade-A”.

Who knows exactly what will happen, but one thing we know for sure is that we’ll see and wait because we just can’t get enough!

Here is a happy life for the newlyweds! What do you think of the new and advanced Kourtney, Perezcious readers? The comments below are harmful!

[Images via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram & 20th Century Fox/YouTube]

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