Courtney Kardashian Angry about Kardashians Edit: I don’t care

This season is a lot The Kardashians Scott focuses on the feelings of Disk and his eldest son.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s offer of joy and engagement to Scott was broadcast with news processing.

Whether he was talking to Courtney or trying to manipulate Kendall about it, Scott was part of the narrative.

Courtney is quite upset that she took the stage at her former center.

There is no time for Courtney Kardashian

Scott Disick and his anger were not unnoticed The Kardashians The audience

Talked to family friend Stephanie Shepherd TooFab About how upset Courtney and Travis were.

“We’ve filmed and had the best time ever,” Courtney told Stephanie. “And we’re seeing edits … and we’re very upset.”

Scott Disk throws a Mamata party

Courtney expressed her frustration “because they’re hanging out with us in this drama.”

“Especially when I watched my engagement episode,” he added.

Courtney lamented: “The editor or whoever is taking it as, ‘Let’s take Courtney, he’s the one chosen for the play.'”

Kardashians chat at Courtney Kardashian's engagement party

Now, the Kardashian sisters are the executive producers of the Hulu series.

This means they can screen before the series airs to protect the integrity of their brand and storyline.

In other words, like a real housewife (for example), they have editorial abilities that are rare in the reality TV world.

Scott Disk stands for his kids

Even Travis’ offer to Courtney is overwhelmed by everyone’s annoyance at Scott’s feelings – at least, if you’ve watched the show.

“I wasn’t like that night, ‘God, everyone has such an F-King ass to point it out,'” Courtney recalled after her sisters nurtured her ex at her engagement party.

He explained: “Because it wasn’t part of the night, it was like two seconds of the night.”

Courtney Kardashian understands her former feelings, but ...

“I didn’t remember it until I saw the cut of the episode,” Courtney admitted.

“It wasn’t like 50% of the night,” he said, “like it was made in one episode.”

In a previous look, Courtney stated: “I hope they take it out and put it in the next episode, giving us respect, so let us spend the moment.”

Scott Disk in Hulu

“Like me, why aren’t fairy tales being told? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

“I don’t want to be sensitive,” he added.

“It’s all right,” Courtney insisted. “We’ve been separated for seven years.”

Show Courtney Kardashian Engagement Ring

“I’ve been allowed to create new memories and new ways of doing things,” Courtney confirmed.

On the contrary, he felt that the edit was going out of his way to emphasize Scott’s “old” narrative in his passion for their past.

“It’s activating this old narrative and buying into something that doesn’t exist,” Courtney argued.

Scott Disk needs to be challenged

“This should be an empowerment episode for me to get out of my toxic relationship,” Courtney said.

“And,” he continued, “really this fairy tale love story is my reality.”

Is she right Or is it one of those examples where more honest editing would be detrimental to the show?

Courtney Kardashian offers a subtle response

The fact is that many people who watch the show invest in Scott’s feelings, even if they don’t want to see Courtney back with him.

And the show has to admit that. The Kardashians They are not in one religion, they are not fighting poverty and none of them are trying to scandalize each other.

While you can’t rely on unreasonable situations like some other shows, OK, need to edit and give viewers what they want.

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