Courtney Kardashian expresses sympathy for Scott Dixon fan after marrying Travis

On Sunday, May 22, Courtney Kardashian married Travis Barker … again … in a glittering, glittering ceremony in Italy.

Yes, there are three wedding ceremonies for a couple, with no zero breakup

That would have to be a lot for Scott Dixick to process, especially as his two kids played a major role in the wedding party.

Fans, even some of his critics, are asking if he is OK after a particularly disappointing post by the self-styled lord.

Scott Disc seems left

Courtney and Travis had an amazingly star-studded third wedding in Italy, and we don’t just want to call them families.

This is great news … even their wedding time seems to be declining in the headlines as much as they have.

When you have three marriages in a month and a half – and no drama in between – that’s a lot. But how does Scott feel about it?

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were married in Italy

Courtney may be tired of holding on to Scott’s older son’s feelings, but not everyone.

Of course people are wondering how all this is going to get to Scott, who has historically not reacted well (at all) to courtship, especially to Travis.

But when Scott posted the most lifeless, frustrating product placement he has kept for years, was it a cry for help?

Scott Disc Flies Pvt

Scott has a complex history of Instagram approvals.

Who among us can forget the moment when he copied and pasted the company instructions into his Instagram caption what they wanted to say to him instead of just quoting?

At the moment, this is an identity theft protection agency, but Scott’s apparent lack of motivation may have less to do with the service and more to do with recent events.

Scott Disk throws a Mamata party

Fans quickly identified Scott’s post as “the saddest ad of all time.”

When people insult your business and see it as a cry for help, it’s never good.

“Hope you are well,” wrote another fan. “You want to go to Italy, because they are your family too.”

Scott Disk feels ready to move on

Read a comment containing “Somewhat disastrously bad advice”, “Break up the marriage and give your daughter back.”

“Hope you’re all right, Scott,” said another.

“I feel so bad for her,” read a comment. “She wanted to marry him and she didn’t.”

Scott Disc in a PJ

“Stand there, Scott,” advised another. “Your time will come.”

This commenter continued, advising Scott to “do whatever it takes to find peace in your life.”

That’s good advice. Vague, but good.

Scott Disk stands for his kids

This is not the first time fans have expressed concern about Scott’s mood and Courtney’s marital status.

Less than a week before the Italian show, fans were concerned about Scott’s reaction when he appeared to have expressed feelings of loneliness in a post about spending time with Raine.

Maybe people are blowing things up out of proportion … or maybe Scott is following Khloe’s example and Vague posting About his feelings whenever he wants.

Scott and Son

See, if you’re afraid of a public event or title, that’s one thing.

It’s completely different to see it happen three different times in one and a half months.

We’re not overly sympathetic to Scott’s childish response to his ex and his lifestyle, but yes, he deserves to be a little overwhelmed.

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