Courtney Kardashian ‘knows’ Scott invited Disk to her wedding

Scott Disc Apparently the former had a chance to go Courtney KardashianMarriage – and reject it?

The 38-year-old reality TV star famously spent dinner with a friend last weekend Rod Stewart And his family, and then some more risky locale, but everything could have been avoided if Lord Disk had apparently accepted the invitation and traveled to Portofino, Italy!

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Speaking to a source And! News About the court wedding weekend with the husband Travis BarkerScott was actually “extending an invitation” Castello Brown Ring in love with the couple! Insiders have explained that Cravis definitely felt the best about it Incompetent A shot to show if the founder wants:

Courtney Scott extended an invitation knowing she would not come. He wanted this huge moment to be about him and Travis and he knew Scott would not have the mobility to stay there. “

Ah, so this is the old non-invitation invitation! Just to say they did !! Very clever, Court. It is Was A destination wedding, after all, with all the travel promises that entails!

Of course, watching Push The founder fell head over heels in love Blink-182 It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for drummer Scott. She had to manage to co-raise the children of the ex-couple – 12 years old Mason9 years old PenelopeAnd 7 years old Kingdom – When he sees his former flame, he truly lives his best life with a new man.

And as we’ve reported before, it’s not that Lord Disk wants to be a part of the Italian event, however. Some previous sources have indicated that he Was not Invited to the show, when other insiders claimed he would supposedly show up only if he needed to film scenes for the family. Hulu Series, Kardashians!

Apparently, he wasn’t there, he never shot scenes, and he stayed home to do his own thing, including going out to an El Le restaurant early in the weekend and then visiting the NYC Strip Club. Whatever works?

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In the meantime, the same source is doubling down on what we’ve heard before: the whole process was difficult. Flip it like disk alum

Internal further explained:

“It’s hard for Scott to see, but since Courtney and Travis have been celebrating their love for months now, it’s easier for him to deal with. It’s not that bad and he’s going through it.”

Slowly but surely!

How to recall Perezcious readers earlier this month in a streaming episode KardashiansOpen up to Scott Khalo Kardashian About her initial reaction to seeing Courtney fall in love. He said Revenge Body Host at that time:

“I thought they were already married [from] The way he was talking. It wasn’t crazy. Thank God, because at another time in my life, if I could hear that, my life would be over. “

Interestingly, Scott took it one step further at the time, and even admitted to Khalil that he was relieved by the new love of the court:

“I am just happy to be free. I couldn’t do the job of staying with her, so I saluted Travis. She has a lot of work to do. Courtney is not easy in everything. “

Yes, well, we wondered if she was still feeling any relief!

Feedback, fan reader ?? What do you think of an invitation to Court Scott, knowing full well that he won’t show up anyway ?!

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