Courtney Kardashian ‘so upset’ after ‘fairy tale’ engagement storyline

Courtney Kardashian Annoyed by how his story line is being portrayed Kardashians – Just like the way he fell before, he was upset Keep up with the Kardashians!!

With all his sisters, Push Founder is an executive producer in the family Hulu The series, which should theoretically imply, has some control over the content (and editing) of the new streaming episode. But maybe the 43-year-old mother of three doesn’t have as much to say as we thought ??

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In a new Hulu EP released on Thursday, the court has an exciting meeting with a longtime family friend. Stephanie Shepherd. In their chat, the two discuss the court’s beautiful love story with the then fianc (and now-husband). Travis Barker. But Courtney is furious at how it’s portrayed – or No. Being illustrated – on the show !!

Carzena’s older sister, Shepherd, explained her concerns, revealing that the series’ producers seemed more concerned. Scott DiscThe response to the court’s relationship, rather than actually promoting romance:

“We are filming and having the best time of all time and we are watching the edits and we are very upset because they are talking about our drama. Especially when I watched my engagement episode. The editor or whoever is taking it like this, ‘Let’s take Courtney, she has been selected for the play.’


In a confessional clip, the court revealed that the sisters’ EP titles allow them to see early screeners of future episodes. In addition, they are all able to give the producers notes and advice to “make sure our story is told.”

So when first-sighted screenwriters came back with too much focus on Lord Disk’s dramatic reaction to Cravis’ love story, Courtney wasn’t happy at all!

Former Courtney Kardashian talks about being dropped from 'Life for the first time in my life'
Scott’s intricate tech has to watch TV in connection with Cravis. / (C) Scott Disc / Courtney Kardashian / Instagram

In particular, Courtney cited an episode that aired earlier this season and covered the period just after Travis proposed to his now-wife on that soccer beach.

Clip, sister Kendall Jenner Courtney was asked if she had any sympathy for her ex-partner and the baby’s father, who had already felt isolated from the family before the engagement. The scene occurred when Courtney tried to explain that she wanted to focus on her future and No. His past

But according to a new convoy of interior design fans with Shepherd, the actual interaction with Kendall was completely different from the version finally edited by the audience!

Courtney explained:

“That night I wasn’t like,‘ God, everyone is such a razakar ass to bring it to the fore ’, because it wasn’t a part of the night, it was like two seconds of the night. I didn’t remember it until I saw the cut of the episode. It wasn’t like 50% of the night as it was made in one episode. “

What a great !!

Well, the reality TV editors will do what the reality TV editors do, we guess. And yet it is clear that Courtney is somewhat annoyed by the show’s insistence on focusing on disc drama. Frustrated with how she is portrayed on screen, the star says:

“I hope they take it out and put it in the next episode, give us respect, so let us have a moment. I think, why not tell a fairy tale? That’s the real myth. I don’t want to be sensitive. “

We get it! Fairy tales are definitely a feeling-good story! But the drama draws the audience! Isn’t this a new idea ?? Just talk!

(BTW, the producers did No. Keep Scott’s response to the “next episode”, as Courtney had hoped. The engagement went down and was right there with everyone else. womp, womp!)

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Producers should probably not “harp” Scott’s story “out of respect” after Shepherd’s advice Blink-182 The drummer, mother of three, sarcastically satirizes her past relationship:

“All is well, we have broken up for seven years. I’ve been allowed to create new memories and new ways of doing things. “

That’s true! In a confessional clip following that caustic line, the new Mrs. Barker left everything there, concluding:

“I’m in one of the best places in my life and it’s time to catch our show. It enables this old story and to buy something that doesn’t exist. . “

There’s no question that Courtney wants to move on with her life – and her reality TV storyline – after years of separation from Scott. But also, Scott’s story is popular. The audience wants to see very clearly. Heck, we cover it almost every day! LOLz !!

So it makes sense to focus on his ex in the new show! What do you think, fan reader ??

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