Courtney Kardashian’s children were not at her Santa Barbara wedding to Travis Barker

Scott Disc Spending Sunday with her three children… because ex-partner and mother of the child Courtney Kardashian Decided not to bring them to his wedding!

As we are reporting, Courtney got married unexpectedly Travis Barker In court in Santa Barbara, California on Sunday. And while the instant show was great, heartwarming and certainly full of love, it was No. The family is full!

Not only did the famous sisters of the court attend the sunny Sunday wedding, but she also had three children – 12 years old Mason Disk9 years old Penelope DiskAnd 7 years old Kingdom Disk. And for this, the online court is taking a lot of heat!

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Lord Disk’s own Instagram story The post shows the 38-year-old reality TV star spending some sweet weekends with her three children. The crew had fun lying on the edge of the pool together, at one point Rain decided to dive into the water with an adventurous cannonball. Penelope and Mason even enjoyed some high-quality game-fighting, hammering it for the camera when their mother said “I do” a little farther away without their presence!

Ch-ch- Check out those highlights (below):

Courtney Kardashian's kids weren't with Travis Barker at her Santa Barbara wedding and fans are upset!
Scott spent some pool time with his kids on Sunday afternoon! / (C) Scott Disk / Instagram

And Scott showed some more secluded time with the kingdom on Sunday:

As we reported earlier, it seems that only Travis’ father and Courtney’s grandmother, Mary Joe ‘MJ’ Shannon, Appeared in court for a legally binding marriage. When Travis’s 16-year-old daughter hit that point even more at home Alabama Barker Was occupied Instagram Live Later in the night, her father knocked on the door and suddenly entered her room.

As you can see (below), Alabama was busy applying makeup and talking to her audience in the stream when Cravis stunned her as she walked into the room – everyone dressed up for their wedding dress !! It looks dark outside the window, so maybe it was Later Marriage itself. Surprised to see Alabama Blink-182 Drummer and Push The founder is acting very touchingly in his room as he streams to the world:

Well, that’s one way to celebrate a wedding, we guess! And judging by Alabama’s response to the couple’s attire, it’s probably safe to say that she wasn’t fully aware of it before her Sunday courthouse wedding?!?!


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As far as fans are concerned, all those questions about the involvement of (not) Kravis’ children in marriage are valid! Across social media, fans wondered why Discus Baby, the son of Alabama and Travis. Landon Barker Not seen anywhere in the courthouse ceremony, some people reacted like this (below):

“Why aren’t her kids around? You think they’ll be a part of her special day. Looks like her kids are second these days.”

“Her children were also excluded from the Vegas wedding?”

“I feel very bad for those poor children. Think your mother is not getting married.

Damn !!!

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Court and Travis have recently taken a stand against not involving their children in their love story. However, at the time of the couple’s engagement late last year, Chris Jenner It said it was the “right thing”. No. Travis Scott lies about popping questions. As such, Momeza decides to keep the kids with her so that the cooperating vibes are smooth – and this prevents their mother from seeing Travis accept the offer.

Although Penelope was not happy at the time. And the court itself dealt angrily with the dynamics, choosing to keep things smooth with Scott (more importantly) while celebrating his love with Travis!

Even then there is no child in the marriage ?! We know they are planning a future event in Italy. But still … about that ?!

Close the words (below) in the comments with your thoughts on this Sunday’s event, fan readers !!

[Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram/KUWTK/YouTube]

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