Courtney Love explodes in Amber Hard – revealing that Johnny Depp saved her life from A

That’s great. Several celebrities have weighed in on the defamation suit, choosing to leave their support behind Johnny Depp Or Amber Hard. But we don’t think we’ve ever seen such a confessional one!

But of course when it is Courtney gain You’re talking about, you can’t expect anything but raw and real, right?

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The Hole The women in the front open in a series Instagram Video of his friend Jessica Reed Cross‘Feeding. Although he claimed he “doesn’t want to be judged in general”, he went on to describe Johnny Depp, whom he knew. According to Courtney, he’s not just a good man, he’s basically a saint! And he saved his life – in fact! He said:

“I want to tell you that Johnny gave me CPR in 1995 when I overdosed outside the Viper Room.”

Oh, what ?! Johnny Legend is a co-owner of the Hollywood hot spot, where the very one The Phoenix River Died of overdose just two years ago. Courtney went out to learn almost the same way – and only survived because of Johnny Depp? That’s great.

But that was not all; He was a big supporter Francis BeanWith his daughter Kurt Cobain, After his pass. He added:

“Johnny, when I was cracked and Frances had to go through all this with social workers, he wrote her a four-page letter that she never showed me on her 13th birthday.”

Ah! He added that without asking, Johnny “sent limousines” to Kido’s school “to get him and all his friends to go.” Caribbean pirates Movies!

“She has done it many times. He gave her his own seat [at the premieres] I haven’t seen one of those pirate movies with his name, but [Frances] Loved them. “

He added that Johnny’s support was important to Frances:

“You know, when he was 13, he said to me, ‘Mom, he saved my life.’ And he said it again. “

That’s great. That means he saved them both! Of course, Johnny was a generous and thoughtful man for Courtney and countless others, including Frances and the hospital child, for whom he often showed up a few years after the movies as Captain Jack … That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have insulted Amber. But we understand that he wants to be a witness to the character, considering that he is so important to his family.

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Courtney Did Mention to Amber, too, that she “had a lot of sympathy for what she had to feel.” Aquaman The star as the tide of public opinion turned against him. After all, Courtney noted that she is sometimes “the most hated woman in America.” However, he quickly turned that sympathy into an explosion:

“But if you use a movement for your own personal gain and you live in strange feminist intersections and you abuse that moment, I hope justice will be done, whatever it is.”

Shh Gurl is insinuating a lot about Amber right there! He concluded:

“And I think we should have less scadenfreud and more sympathy for everyone involved.”

Okay, he said, but all his social media testimony was, as it were, quite one-sided. What do you think of Courtney’s portrait, painted by both Johnny and Amber?

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