Danica Patrick reveals that her breasts became ‘deformed’ before they were implanted

Danica Patrick There is zero remorse when it comes to ditching her breast implants!

ICYMI, ex NASCAR After experiencing a number of health problems, including hypothyroidism, heavy metal poisoning, adrenal fatigue, bloating, weight gain, hair loss and severe leaky bowel, the driver revealed that her breast implants were removed in April. Talking to Fox News, Danica reveals more about the reasons for her decision to have surgery. She recalled that she had her breasts completed in November 2014, telling the outlet that she “felt pressure at the beginning of how I should look”:

“I thought I wanted to be more feminine. I wanted to get what I thought was an ideal body. “

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But in later years, Danica stated that her body felt like she was fighting an implant where she felt sick:

“If you put something in your body that is not natural, your body will protect itself. Your body will create scar tissue around it to protect you from it. And that’s called a capsule. My implants made lots of capsules. For the first few years they seemed soft enough, but then they got harder. “

At first, he thought the capsules were “from crashing into the wall” during his racer. However, after Danica retired from the game in 2018, new ones started popping up:

“So I knew it wasn’t. Trying to protect me from my body continued [her breast implants]”

Once she realized that the root of all her problems could be breast implant illness, she knew she needed to have surgery to remove it. And after they left in April, Danica realized how bad the damage was:

“Both of my scar tissue capsules were folded inside the implant,” the doctor said. They shrunk so much that so much scar tissue was formed that they became deformed. “

Oh no

Photo before Danica's implant removal
A picture before Danica’s implant. / (C) Danica Patrick / Instagram

Touching on what she has learned from this experience, Danica mentions how many more women suffer from similar problems with breast implants that make it almost “feel like a hidden epidemic.” He explained:

“I believe there will always be a level of side effects that come [implants]. Maybe some people do really well and it’s so low that they don’t notice. But I also think that it is impossible to keep a foreign object in your body and that your body does not respond to some degree. Everyone is different, of course, but are we really doing enough research on them? Are people really educated about potential side effects and risks? Doctors tell us they are safe, but they are also selling them. “

Although the 40-year-old was “trying to hide.” [her health problems] For a long time, “he was grateful for speaking out so that others struggling with similar issues would not feel completely alone:

“I am very grateful that I shared my experience. After hearing my story, some people may suspect that they are working on the same thing and not feeling so alone. “

And finally, Danica felt that removing her breast implants “felt like freedom,” adding:

“I feel good about my body. I think I look good, to be honest. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’m glad they were out. I think more of myself. “

Good for her !!!

Someone like Danica doesn’t have to suffer, so it’s great to hear that she’s back to normal and that her quality of life has improved a lot since then.

[Image via Danica Patrick/Instagram]

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