Dave Cameron is clear about fighting his identity: ‘I’m crying

Dove Cameron Getting deeper Instagram.

The Disney Priyatma took to social media on Wednesday to open up to her fans in a way that has never happened before, revealing that she is fighting with her identity and image to the point where she feels “terrorist” – and often breaks down in tears.

The candid filling came along with a string of selfies which shows Boyfriend The singer is crying looking in the mirror. In a note shared with Raw Pictures, Tarkalet said he was “fighting with my own ideas lately, my inner relationship with me that I know myself and my external perceptible self which I think I never knew but other people think.” Is happening. ” Shh

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He added:

“I’ve been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrified by my identity and image, sometimes in the absolute flow with something new and accessory and pleasing to me.”

The Descendants The star went on to reveal that she has recently “covered the mirror” and “misbehaves in clothes that make me look beautiful,” admitting that “sexuality and functional gender rules, social rewards and identity are really throwing me into the loop.”

The actress, who has previously come out as bizarre, expressed her frustration with how social media, mirrors, branding and other ways to “broadcast” our lives to see others are not the best for “mental health, energy transparency or our internal relationships.” ” He thought:

“It’s a modern issue that’s not designed with human health in mind.”

He’s right about that!

Although he had “no answer from me yet”, the 26-year-old said he wanted to talk about the struggle as a way to maintain a quiet non-judgmental curiosity, instead of punishing himself for not knowing what I was feeling or where I was. I’m going. “He shared:

“We all deserve a life free of burdens by a socially created identity, we all deserve to be free from abuse and hatred. I’m on that journey now, and I’m sharing so we can all feel more comfortable in a conversation that can be confusing, and we can navigate things that seem hard to put together. “

Cameron Pigeon goes deeper into the caption of his post, writing that “for me, identity and self have always been antagonistic, and there was a one-time place to occupy my life.”

The actor mentions that he feels “drawn to an identity” and realizes that he is not the only one who feels that way. He wrote:

“As long as I’m alive, I realize that these internal dialogues are actually quite universal.”

Dove ended his message in a positive note, expressing that he was beginning to receive “hope” that his huge platform “could actually be a carrier of dramatic change and mutual support, exploration and security.” He concluded:

“Maybe the places that have the fewest people can become the most people, if we want it, and maybe we can all take up a little more space.”

We love it so much! Big props for Dove to be very open in a place where people rarely live – especially considering that he still doesn’t fully know the answer to his struggle.

Wherever this journey of exploration takes him, he has our support – not to mention, the support of millions of his fans.

See his full post (below).

[Image via Dove Cameron/Instagram/MEGA/WENN.]

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