Dean McDermott hangs out with ex-wife in Tory spell split

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott spent most of 2021 creating a flame of divorce rumors with their every word and deed.

From not wearing their rings to very public conflicts to separate leave and holiday messages from attorney meetings, everything seems to be over.

Some reunion hints have been dropped, but not enough to dampen expectations that their marriage is in its final stages.

Now, Dean is seen hanging out with his ex-wife, Mary Joe Eustace.

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Dean McDermott himself re-posted an Instagram story this week that was originally posted by Jack, which he shared with Mary Joe Eustace.

Jack, 23, was chatting with his parents at the Bottle Club Pub in San Francisco.

“Look who’s here !!!!” Jack captioned the post, a caption that was intact when Dean shared.

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The post itself is amazing – it’s normal for two parents to hang out with their adult son and have a drink.

Dean and Tory have five children together, and the logistics of such a hangout are probably more complicated than any of them.

But people did notice the two Xie Hangouts, because Dean and Tory’s activities are under a lot of scrutiny because they guess where things in the world stand.

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Dean and Mary Joe were married for 13 years, from 1993 to 2006.

Famously, the years after their separation were very difficult (in part because they were still together when Dean and Tori … met).

However, the two were nicely made up in October 2019, even revealing in Dean’s podcast about how they learned to have a healthy co-hosting relationship.

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“We haven’t talked in over three years,” Dean admitted a few weeks after their son’s 21st birthday.

“We’re going to get into this routine,” he explained “She’ll text me or I’ll text her and we’ll treat each other badly.”

Dean added: “And finally I go, ‘OK, I’ve had enough. I’m blocking you.'”

Spell Tory in 2019 and Dean McDermott

Mary Joe said she maintained an open line of communication – not with Dean, but with Tory – at the time.

“She didn’t block me. She let me do her text,” Mary Joe revealed.

However, it wasn’t until Jack’s 2019 birthday party that he became truly attached to Tory. “The first thing he said was, ‘I’ll sit next to you,’ and he did.”

Dean McDermott at the gym

“It was on. It was full game-on,” characterized Mary Joe.

“Three or four hours was our most amazing time,” he recalls. “We had an incredible conversation.”

Very few people have this kind of relationship with his ex-wife (or ex-wife), even in the circumstances of how Dean and Tory met.

Tory and Dean McDermott

Where Dean and Tory stand nowadays is less clear.

More than a year ago, Tory admitted that he and Dean were no longer sharing a bedroom.

Reports from around the time describe a couple who ended up without a name, with plenty of evidence to back it up. Will the Tories become another official ex, or will they somehow patch things up?

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