Decrease Wendy Williams Frozen Accounts, Don’t Watch Sherry Shepherd Talk Show

After years of health struggles, Wendy Williams has been effectively replaced by Sherry Shepherd.

Wendy has condemned dementia claims and is embroiled in a tug-of-war over her money, fearing her bank is being taken advantage of.

In a new interview, Wendy shares vague details about her finances.

He also admits that as much as he loves guest hosts, he won’t watch Sherry Shepherd’s shows – and Wendy wants to make a comeback.

Interviewed by Wendy Williams (May 2022)

Wendy Williams talks to Fat Joey on Instagram Live … after resolving some minor technical issues.

“I love everyone who hosts it,” he said of the rolling selection of alternative hosts Wendy Williams show Has appointed.

Fat Joe himself was one of them, along with Leah Remini, Remy’s mother, Michelle Visez and many more.

Here is Wendy Williams

“But if I had only one man, I wish you [Fat Joe] Just did it, “Wendy said.” Always. “

He continued: “And then I come back and whenever I want to fly somewhere else for a while, you do it again.”

Wendy went on to say: “I love you two [Remy Ma]Or just her or just you. “

Wendy Williams in her chair

Wendy must have been asked if she had any specific plans to return to her post.

“Of course, absolutely,” he assured her.

As for Sherry Shepherd’s new show, Wendy admits: “I like her, but I won’t see her.”

Wendy Williams at home

Wendy explained that she would not watch Sherry’s show “because I know what she’s going to do.”

“And,” he continued, “it’s not really my thing.”

Wendy added: “But I like being on my own show and I like that people like to watch it all the time.”

Wendy Williams in 11th season

Wendy also got into financial trouble because she closed her account.

“I know what kind of money I have,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I only have two dollars, and nothing else,” he lamented, probably employing some hyperbole.

Wendy Williams at WWHL September 2019

“Everything is frozen,” Wendy complained, “and some people are involved and that’s why I’m doing it now.”

Probably because the matter involves the court – he wants access to his account and his bank wants a court-appointed guardian for him – Wendy limited his comments.

He did, however, share that Kevin Hunter Jr.’s money was frozen at the same time, depriving him of the ability to take care of his son.

Wendy Williams Interview 04

Wendy shares that people around her have seen her for “essentials”, including food and travel.

But he hopes the ongoing war with Wells Fargo will be resolved soon.

“I’ve got people who will do it,” Wendy said. “They will do it.”

Wendy Williams The View September 2019 2/6

“That’s why I don’t think I’m going to leave,” Wendy said, apparently in the public eye.

“I’m going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger,” confirmed the viral queen speaking during the day. “Maybe I’ll talk about it while doing my show.”

Wendy then quipped: “Maybe I’ll talk about it while eating dessert.”

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