Derrick Dillard and Jill Dugar are buying gorgeous new homes in the new town

Most recently, Derrick Dillard and Jill Dugar sold their home, leaving the house they bought in 2019.

While the timing is closely aligned with Josh’s sentencing hearing, the reason for the move is more mundane – it’s for Derrick’s new job.

Now, Derrick has been sworn in as an attorney, and the Dillards have their new home.

Jill shows up to upgrade their new home.

Derrick Dillard and pregnant Jill Dugar at the courthouse

“Today was a great day!” Derrick wrote on Instagram last week.

“I was sworn in as a licensed attorney in the state of Arkansas,” he declared.

Derrick gave a special shout “My dear bride, that Jillmodillard who was for me through all this. I am eternally grateful.”

Lake Duggar's house 01- ago

This week, Jill gave her fans and followers a virtual tour of their home with some upgrades.

Apparently, this is part of a contract that probably got him a discount for doing housework.

Although some of the earlier and later pictures look sad, monochromatic downgrades, this is probably what Jill and Derrick wanted.

After Lake Duggar Bari 01

“We are so excited to show you a glimpse of our new home !!” Jill writes.

“We knew we’d like to make some changes in the new place to update it + add some personal touch,” he explained.

“So,” Jill continued, “we searched around and found someone to help us!”

Lake Duggar's house 02- ago

It is certainly a relief to hear that a pregnant Jill is not painting or replacing cabinets in a new home or breathing in the smoke of paint.

Instead, they found a company to “turn our kitchen (+ a few bedrooms) into a dream !!”

Of course, Jill gave reviews after the company and its employees helped remove a fridge, matched the color of the paint for trimming and painted an extra wall.

Lake Duggar's house 02 - later

Somewhat heartbreaking to see the vibrantly painted walls – a breathtaking cobalt, another daring abergine – have made the private residence the equivalent of “homely white”.

Similarly, countertops look new but not necessarily good. A subtle installation, but with a less daring choice and less character from the replacement cabinet.

But, as we have seen, this is exactly what Jill and Derrick wanted. After all, it’s their home.

Lake Duggar's house 03- ago

For more details, the new family home is located at 2,450 square feet and Silom Springs, Arkansas.

The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, so if you are going to welcome a third child, this is exactly what you want.

Despite its modest size, they bought the home for 385,000 – a testament to how diverse the real estate market can be in terms of location.

Lake Duggar Bari 03 - Later

Derrick’s new job is in the office of Adair County Clerk. This is a good move for a potential long law profession.

Technically, it’s located on the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Line, but its journey would be “only” about 40 minutes – shaving a cool half-hour from its current distance.

Meanwhile, they’ll still be 45 minutes away from Jim Bob and Michelle, unfortunately.

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