Devon Clegg explained GoFundMe to 3-year-old Taiyang’s cancer fight

Towards the end of last month, 90 Day Engagement: Another Way Alum Devon Clegg has revealed his son’s diagnosis of leukemia.

Taiyang’s condition was identified when Devon repeatedly referred him to doctors until they could diagnose him.

Now, he is undergoing treatment (and not soon) and is reported to have a good prognosis for recovery.

Devon is raising money to take care of her son. He is explaining to the fans what the funds are for.

Deavan Clegg Header (9 May 2022)

Less than a week after the establishment of a GoFundMe for Taeyang’s healthcare, Devon Clegg posted an update on Instagram.

“We raised about $ 20,000 on gofundme in just 4 days,” he shared

“Support for Tayeng has really touched us,” Devon said. “Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.”

Deavan Clegg IG gofundme update, insurance explanation

GoFundMe, which now exceeds 20,000, was not created by Devon.

Her mother, Alicia, made it for the care of her grandchildren.

The goal is $ 50,000, which means they are less than half the mark.

Taeyang GoFundMe 8 June 2022

As encouraging as Deavan’s update, there were some questions.

“Insurance pays for everything,” claimed one commenter, who asked: “So why go fund me?”

Devon gently corrected the commenter: “Insurance does not cover everything.”

Taiyang is sleeping in the hospital

Many Americans who travel abroad have learned from the outset that most developed countries will not charge anyone a small fee for diagnosing and treating cancer.

In the United States, even if someone is lucky enough to have a good insurance plan they will still find themselves facing steep bills.

While there are charities dedicated entirely to cover the cost of treating pediatric cancer, the surprising and often artificially inflated numbers on hospital bills are alarming.

In late May, Devon revealed that Taiyang had been diagnosed with “B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia a few days ago.”

Devon specified. “He’s already gone through multiple processes.”

“And,” he continued, “Tiang began chemotherapy treatment two days ago.”

The Taiyang block merges

Devon admits in his heartbreaking post, “This is the worst nightmare for every parent.”

“And I’m working hard to stay strong for Taiyang, Drasila and my baby in my womb,” he noted.

As we reported earlier, Devon is pregnant with her third child, by partner Toffer Park.

Walking in Tuffer Park with Taiyang Lee

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia can be fatal if left untreated for months or even weeks.

The journey to Devon’s hospital, sent home with things like iron supplements, continued until he got an answer to his son’s sudden illness.

The treatment of 3-year-old Taiyang is not easy and will not be, but his way to kill it is laid out in front of him.

Taiyang is undergoing treatment for cancer

Devon Clegg was awarded full custody in Taiyang two years after the one-sided, battle in custody with Jihun Lee.

Although Jihun was apparently irresponsible and under investigation for child abuse, apparently the main reason for Devon’s custody was simpler:

He took care of Taiyang and wanted to continue. Jihun has lost all interest in communicating with his son, wanted in custody.

Devon Clegg and Toffer Park with Dracila and Taiyang

Fortunately, Taiwan has a strong support system with Devon’s family and Tofar.

Devon even shares that her son “cries” more for her boyfriend than she does.

They’ve been together for almost two years, which is a big part of Taiyang’s young life. We wish this family well in dealing with the health crisis in Taiyang.

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