Devon Clegg explains why Jihun lost custody, half of the 90-day engagement drama

Eventually, they finally parted ways with Devon Clegg’s Jihun Lee, more than two years after they parted ways for good.

Apparently their breakup happened a few months before anyone realized it – but they didn’t share their breakup because they wanted to finish filming the season.

Devon can finally tell you about his former marriage, why he got full custody and much more.

Although the worst of it was real, he admitted that many of the dramas he and Jihun portrayed would never have happened if they hadn’t done the show.

Devon Clegg confronts Jihun Lee with a picture of a naked woman

Taiyang’s abuse and ghosts were never revealed 90 Day Engagement: Another Way The audience

From Jehoon’s proposal to the pregnant Devon to their Korean wedding in South Korea, much of what we saw was staged.

Although Devon reluctantly admits that his experience was not public, he says that there was a lot of drama just to pay off debts to keep him and Jihun on the show.

Deavan Clegg IG 01 May 2022 Q&A

Devon’s Instagram Q&A revealed this week that, in October, it’s been a full two years since Jihun even tried to talk to Taiyang.

This confirms what fans who have seen both Axis on social media are skeptical of.

Devon explains why he’s in full custody. It was as if he had been taken into custody by default.

Deavan Clegg IG 02 May 2022 Q&A

The apparent lack of interest in communicating with Taiyang is not unique to Jihun.

Devon shares that his parents have not contacted him since he left Korea two years ago, despite having contact information.

He has more to say about her, including the cultural reasons that may be the reason for Taeng’s ghost below.

Deavan Clegg IG 03 May 2022 Q&A

Devon admits that there was really no emotional connection between him and Jihun.

Instead, after she became pregnant and pressured for their relationship, they signed up to the show for money.

90 day engagement Notoriously new cast members don’t pay too much, but it seemed successful at the time.

Jihun Lee hires Devon Clegg

After Jihun was insulted, Devon explained, he told her to stay with her parents.

However, even though they broke up in November (2019), they knew they would have to finish filming if they wanted to get paid.

Many of us already knew that their last episode Other ways It was fake, but we didn’t know it was That Fake

Deavan Clegg IG 04 May 2022 Q&A

Remember the Tea House scene? Devon shares that their real relationship is over at this point.

That means their Korean wedding was also staged.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t seem to be accusing the production of conspiracy, “scripting,” let alone … just to force them to continue filming, and just pay them.

Deavan Clegg IG 05 May 2022 Q&A

Since Devon had already married Jihun at the insistence of his parents and had no real desire to move to Korea, most of the Season 1 drama was fake.

But Devon and Jihun clearly hoped that the real feelings would come later – which honestly explains a lot about their dysfunctional and tragic relationship.

Again, he explained that they continued filming for money.

Deavan Clegg IG 06 May 2022 Q&A

Another major reason for Taiyang’s custody (excluding one party that seemed completely uninterested) was accommodation.

He spent most of his life with his mother, in the United States.

Even if Jihun or his family wanted custody, it would have been frustrating to take him to South Korea.

Deavan Clegg IG 07 May 2022 Q&A

Devon admits that Taiyang probably doesn’t remember Jihun because he hasn’t seen him since he was 13 months old.

Toffer Park is Devon’s partner, and Taiyang thinks of him as a guardian – even more so than Devon.

Devon explained that he made the decision when Jihun did not accept the offer to meet, have a relationship, or even talk to his son.

Deavan Clegg IG 08 May 2022 Q&A

Devon suspects that even if he had stayed in Korea indefinitely, Jihun would have done the same.

Culturally, he explained, some divorces end this way, with people writing off their ex and a child with them like a bad memory and moving on.

It’s not universal, but it’s something she’s aware of in Korea and it’s obviously her experience.

Deavan Clegg IG 09 May 2022 Q&A

Devon would love Taiyang to have a relationship with his grandparents.

However, perhaps due to solidarity with their son or perhaps their own reasons, they did not arrive.

She insisted that her kids have a great support network with her family (Tayang recently spent quality time with Alicia), which should be enough.

Alicia Clegg helps Devon Clegg fit in with his marriage

So don’t blow off this lid 90 day engagement Suffrage? That’s not the case.

The experience of Devon and Jihun is far from universal, and we all knew a lot before Devon spoke – but not all -.

It sounds like Devon and Jihun and their desire to make money was a driving force behind a good part of their story, producing a “script” to follow them instead of writing.

Devon Clegg and Jihun Lee on their second wedding day

Production is known for interference, but usually it asks the main question, asks people to talk again, or shakes the pot of cast friends.

While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Devon Productions is touting whether he will do more filming, even after learning of the abuse.

Reality television, in the true sense of the word, needs strict legal control to protect the people being filmed and to give viewers transparency.

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