Devon Clegg reveals son Taiang’s heartbreaking leukemia diagnosis

Earlier this month, 90 Day Engagement: Another Way alum Deavan Clegg shared good news.

Her divorce from Jihun Lee is finally finalized and Devon is left in the complete custody of their son.

Unfortunately, Taiyang is now embroiled in an unexpected health war.

Devon has revealed that his 3-year-old son is being treated for leukemia.

The Taiyang block merges

On Tuesday, May 31, Devon Clegg went to Instagram to share the heartbreaking news.

“I promise to always be 100% transparent with you,” he began.

“And,” Devon continued, “I’m choosing to share the weakest and saddest points of my life right now.”

Taiyang is sleeping in the hospital

Devon explained that he was just “opening up in the hope that it might help give someone else some strength to deal with a similar situation.”

“I am overwhelmed with emotion and frustration to announce that my beloved son is Taiyang,” he said.

“The man who celebrated his third birthday last week,” Devon noted, “has just been diagnosed with childhood cancer.”

Devon Clegg shows fresh lips

“B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia just a few days ago,” Devon noted.

“She has already gone through multiple procedures,” he shared, “and started chemotherapy treatment just two days ago.”

“It’s the worst nightmare for any parent, and I’m trying hard to stay strong for Taiyang, Drassilla and my baby in my womb,” Devon said.

Taiyang is undergoing treatment for cancer

“Tayang will need 24-hour hospital care,” Devon explained.

“And it will be a long two-year process,” he said in detail.

Fortunately, Devon noted that “there is a high success rate of complete recovery in five years.”

Devon Clegg and Toffer Park with Dracila and Taiyang

“I’m still doing all this process and asking for prayer, please,” Devon pleaded.

“If anyone wants to donate to help his medical care,” he added, “I will be forever grateful because this nightmare has been completely unexpected.”

“The donation link is in my bio,” Devon shared the link here

Taeyang for Deavan Clegg gofundme

“I’m going to make some kind of fundraising T-shirt this week as well,” Devon continued.

He explained that he was “still trying to wrap my head around all of this.”

“Also if anyone knows about early childhood cancer support groups and resources,” Devon asked, “please tag them below.”

Reflect Deavan Clegg

“I’m on my side right now and my heart is broken,” Devon wrote.

“Thanks to friends and supporters for your prayers, healing vibes and strength,” he concluded.

This is devastating news, and we will keep Taiyang and the whole family in our thoughts.

Walking in Tuffer Park with Taiyang Lee

It took a few weeks of emergency hospitalization and consultation before Tiang was diagnosed.

B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia can be fatal in a few months or even weeks, if left untreated.

ALL usually occurs in children. Based on 2015 statistics, it takes about one-eighth of a lifetime to diagnose.

Taeyang zoom in and name tag

Taiyang is taking care now, and we are certainly hoping for the best.

Healthcare is extremely expensive, but Devon and Toffer put Tiang first. We know that this medical process is going to be difficult for him.

We all hope for a quick and complete forgiveness for Taiyang. She is surrounded by family who love her, and she will make him as comfortable as possible while spending time in and out of the hospital.

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