Did Jason Momoa really save Amber Hard’s Aquaman 2 role? All the inside

You know, we hope to hear about it Johnny DeppHis film career fell off the hill. After all, that’s the whole trial – he’s suing the former Amber Hard For the defamation, he said that his op-ed cost him millions of rupees to accuse him of domestic violence.

But it turns out we’ve heard more about it Amber Film career. He has been debating with her for some time now The Washington Post Fragmented, the public outcry over allegations of domestic violence has hurt Hollywood’s potential. That didn’t really make any sense to us as he actually got DC Mera’s superhero role after her first public appearance – and it was still her biggest move in the spotlight.

However, we have learned that part of it Aquaman 2 There was a real danger of being torn apart by Underto. The reason? Well, that’s the controversial part.

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Apparently 4.3 million fans who signed the petition asked Warner Bros. He believes there is enough evidence to dismiss Amber She Johnny Depp has been abused. Hollywood Consultant Catherine Arnold He testified that Amber was right – that Johnny’s legal team called his allegations a “fraud” that changed something. He explained:

“They [Hollywood] They like his work but they can’t work with him because every time his name is mentioned, the negativity flares up again. “

We think everyone can agree. Well, almost everyone.

WB exec Walter Hamada Confirming that Amber was almost reinstated in the sequel, although in her testimony – which was recorded last year but played for the court on Tuesday – she said it was mostly due to a lack of chemistry with the star. Jason Momoa In the first picture. Hamada explained:

“You know it when you see it, and the chemistry wasn’t there.”

He said the only reason it wasn’t a huge complaint by viewers was the director James One And its editor has done a good job of making it work with what was in their post-production:

“A good editor and filmmaker can choose the right steps, the right moments.”

But Hamada testified that he thought there was no reason to make their work more difficult – and pressured him to replace her with an actress who would have more “natural chemistry” with their star.

Well, we guess no one said that about Jason! According to Katherine Arnold, Momoa and One finally saved Amber’s job! Arnold testified on Monday that while some Studio Exx was ready to do him, his co-star and director were “committed to him.” We should note, we are going to talk about Arnold here. Usually there is the outspoken Jason Momoa No. Swing out her leading female defense. In fact, he started following Johnny Depp Instagram Recently – several eyebrows have been raised around the city.


Still, Arnold claims that Momoa and One were “steadfast” in the film. Not so steadfast that they fought for him to raise Momoa, however! Arnold splashed tea as soon as the salary was raised, he said Game of Thrones The alum for the second film got a big bump from $ 3 million to $ 15 million. Warner Bros.’s first-ever performance, surpassing expectations, grossed over a billion at the box office, far more than that. Batman vs. Superman, Justice LeagueOr even Wonder Woman. But Amber had to keep her same 2 million salary.

Arnold argued that he should have bumped up to 6 6 million, which would only make sense if he had a role as big as his first movie, where he was female lead and number 2 on the call sheet. According to what we have heard, his role has been cut quite a bit. In fact, Arnold himself gave some dates that he probably shouldn’t have – spreading some potential spoilers. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. He says that in the first draft of Amber’s reading script, there was a “strong romantic arc” and “some great action sequences” to kill his character. In later versions it was “drastically reduced”.

“She is OK Aquaman 2 Movies and things really don’t come to an end. All interactions with Momoa’s character and of course the action scenes were taken out. “

Arnold was not specific, but he did elaborate, saying that Princess Mera was probably in the hospital because she was “injured” or “had something to do with a baby.”

So is she pregnant with Aquaman’s child? It will apparently happen in comics, so it will be understood! But staying in the hospital to take care of her baby from being a superhero action star for female leadership? Quite frustrating.

The question remains Why He’s got the shaft. Is it because of the “smear campaign”? Is this a fair response to the evidence that has come out so far? What do you think ??

[Image via Warner Bros/HBO Max.]

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