Did Jingar Dugar and her husband subtly shadow Josh after the child pornography ??

We have heard from several Josh DuggarHer family members have been on the run since her imprisonment this week. Although we are talking about 19 children and counting Dynasty here, so 3 or 4 dugars in the grand scheme is nothing.

Most Fame is actually silent. We wouldn’t be surprised if it stays under the thumb Jim Bob Duger – The fact that we have actually heard from most isolated relatives has created more possibilities.

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According to Jill DillardWho is Josh’s sister? Did To get some distance from the family, the patriarch is about to keep the lid on the family scandal. Of course, this was also made quite clear in her son’s child porn trial. It may even be argued that the task of protecting her son from the initial consequences led to his heinous crime in later life.

Okay, so if Jim Bob isn’t happy to talk to family members about his youngest son’s 13 years in prison, how can a girl talk? Maybe very subtly ??

That is what the followers think Jingar Duggar Has done, with her husband, Forget Jeremy. The couple did not say anything directly. However, the latter posted a picture of her Instagram Happy couple with caption:

Hey Siri, play “The Lackist”

Probably mentioned Ben Folds Love song. Totally innocent post, isn’t it? Well, without an original description. The former NFL Player’s T-shirt. It is not clear what T represents, but the front of it reads:

“Save the Children”


Considering Josh’s offense and the timing of the post, it’s not a huge stretch to read as a fine dig. Was captured at the post RedditWhere FAM followers were quick to read the message:

“Attractive t-shirt, looks like Josh’s shot to me!”

“Insects are not so delicate.”

“He’s not going super overboard or anything, it’s just subtle but I think it’s very real at the same time. According to Dugar, Ginger is very lucky. “

“I wonder why they did not make a statement. I bet JB flew out of the hands of the sisters who made it last time and they didn’t want to rock the boat anymore. “

Our thoughts are correct. But when she and her sisters consider themselves what they already had with Josh as a child. You have to think that they are all breathing a sigh of relief – they may or may not tell their dad about it.

[Image via Jinger Duggar/Instagram/TLC/YouTube/Washington County Sheriffs Office.]

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