Did Johnny Depp push Kate Moss down the stairs? Behind Amber Hard’s Jab Inn

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

One of the big points Johnny Depp Defenders have always been able to point out that his ex has protected him. Even when they openly discuss her mood, there are no other allegations of domestic abuse – except for physically assaulting a woman. Amber Hard.

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Amber even hinted in her hand that it was a problem in 2019 when her legal team went to look for “documents related to Mr Depp’s domestic violence commission against other romantic partners”. We imagine that they couldn’t find any, as if they were subpoenaed to those exes and forced to tell their stories. Instead, what we have found is that Amber cited in her testimony in the UK defamation lawsuit in 2020 something she heard as a rumor. He said at the time:

“It simply came to our notice then [that] He pushed an ex-girlfriend – I believe it was Will not – Down the stairs – I heard this rumor from two people and my mind was refreshed. “

Amber brought it back in her testimony on Thursday – using rumors to justify hitting Johnny, something that has been acknowledged on tape. He was describing an incident where Johnny complained while attacking his sister Whitney He goes in and tries to “stop Johnny”. But that led to Amber defending her sister – because of Kate Moss:

“She was upstairs behind him, and Johnny was swaying towards her, and I couldn’t wait … I didn’t hesitate, I didn’t wait, I just, in my head, instantly thought of Kate Moss and the ladder. And I just jumped at her. I read it. “

He continued to defend his activities:

“In all of my relationship with Johnny, I haven’t had a push … and I’ve, for the first time, hit him – like, actually hit him. The face is square.”

And all this was fair, he explained. Why?

“He didn’t push my sister down the stairs.”

Well, as always, whether they believe his story will depend on the jury. But they were also hit with that advice … The implication in Amber’s testimony is that this time, Johnny Depp pushed Kate Moss down the stairs, we all know that.

But what happened?

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Johnny and Kate were one The Hollywood “brick” couple dating in the 90’s, from 1993 to 1997. Their PDAs were well known, as were their public fights. They were often seen shouting in public. As far as we know, their worst spat has arrested Johnny – and we can say that Amber is the source of the rumor.

It was September 13, 1994 – relatively early in their relationship – when the couple was staying at the Mark Hotel in NYC. Johnny was so upset that he infamously trashed his hotel room. Police were called and Johnny was found in a “potentially intoxicated state” and was immediately arrested for criminal mischief. Eventually he was forced to pay more than হাজার 10,000 in damages and earlier room fees.

You will not notice any attacks or DV charges. Because police said Kate Moss was not completely injured. He barely broke into the room. Talking about the incident in an interview many years later, he explained:

“It simply came to our notice then. I mean, you know, I was in a bad mood, I attacked a hotel room. I broke a lot of things. And it felt good. I feel better later. Can’t say I would recommend it, however, you know, you do what you have to do right now. Then you have to do it. “

Hmmm. Kate has said little about their relationship since the breakup. He never mentioned violence against her. He regrets the breakup more than anything, he says Esquire In a 2012 interview with Split:

“There is no one who could not take care of me. Johnny for a bit. I believe what he says. Like if I say, ‘What shall I do?’, He will tell me. And that’s what I missed when I left. I’ve lost someone I can really trust. Nightmare. Crying year after year. Oh, tears! “

Again, nothing we found that she ever hit the supermodel, knocked her down the stairs. He never said it, he never said it, no witness ever said it.

Where did you hear the amber buzz? He did not say. But it is rumored now. We heard it from Amber Hard. Twice.

What do you think, Perezcious paralegals?

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