Does Paul Stehle have a new girlfriend?

Late last year, another disturbing video of Paul Stehl and Karin Martins was published online.

This time, it was a recording that showed Karin abusing Paul.

Although Karin returned home a few days later, 90 day engagement Fans were nervous – even hoping – that the couple might break up for good.

Now, Paul has posted new pictures without Karin, causing followers to wonder if he has a new girlfriend.

Paul Stehle and Cass

Late last weekend, Paul Stehle shared this photo.

The simple caption is “Meet a new friend.”

He tagged his partner as Cass, a fellow Instagram user who also shared the photo.

Paul Stehle wants to prove himself

Both Paul and Cass have disabled comments under their respective posts.

At the moment, it is unclear whether Paul posted the photos in this way or if one or both of them received unsolicited comments and whether he took the step.

All we know is that Cass is a tattoo artist (well, a beginner) and a digital creator … and only Later Disabled comments.

Paul Stehle, Carin Martins, Pierre Stehle and Ethan Stehle

“It was great to meet a new friend @pauljasonstaehle # 90dayfiance #tlc #groovy @tlc,” Cass captioned the photo.

Again, no comment was allowed, but the two were clearly not hidden.

If you’re shy, don’t include tags like সরাসরি TLC directly on Instagram.

Paul Stehle

So what is Cass Paul’s new girlfriend?

“No,” Cass told one of the many questioners before closing the comment. “We are friends.”

Some do not believe that the answer is straight up. For those wondering why this couple has posted so many pictures in the world for attention.

Karin and Paul Stahl and Baby Pierre among them

The simplest explanation, and therefore probably, is that they are friends – or just close enough to be friends that it doesn’t matter.

Cass is a tattoo beginner and a digital creator and most people can benefit from some neutral-to-positive online attention.

The mysterious photo shows him hanging out with one of the most controversial people 90 day engagement That is what the stars in the history of the show will do.

Paul Stehle has announced a cameo with Karin Martins

At the same time, it’s always possible that Cass and Paul are involved in some way related to the franchise.

That doesn’t make sense to sort anything 90 days: single life Dating scenario.

It could be … but it could also mean that Paul Cass portrayed a scene that would be understood later.

Karin and Paul Stehl

But is Paul likely to return to the show with or without Karin?

Something 90 day engagement Viewers will be shocked to see this happen.

After all, both Paul and Karin have been accused of multiple abuses during their toxic marriage – and Paul has also been accused by outsiders.

Paul Stehle runs

Then again, the franchise is no stranger to abusers.

Although the heinous crimes of Geoffrey Paschel did not take place on screen, the monstrous mental and verbal abuse of Angela Egg has been shown to Michael on the show for years.

Oh, and we all don’t forget the time when Anfisa Arkhipchenko tried to hit George on the Nava camera, and the production just kept filming like this is another argument.

Karin Stehl selfie with husband Paul

But, as we mentioned earlier, the simplest explanation is that Paul, for his own sake, did Cass a favor with a little publicity.

Things with Paul are rarely as simple as you might think.

And we can’t say for sure that she and Karin are done. Their toxic marriage always seems to end, all of a sudden, it doesn’t.

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