Dove Cameron shares TikTok from the studio in a mental battle with identity:

Dove Cameron Returned to his social media with some positive news after an emotional post with details of his struggle with identity.

Thursday, d Boyfriend The singer shared a glimpse of his time in the studio through Tick ​​tock. In the clip, he starts singing on the microphone while wearing headphones. He then talks to a friend who tells him “NPR Voice. “LOLz! He captioned the video:

“Studio time is healing time.”

All he needs nowadays.

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Take a look at Dove’s music production process (below):


Studio time is healing time

Breakfast Dove Cameron – Dove Cameron

It’s been a really emotional week Descendants Actress after she appeared Cameron Boys FoundationWednesday’s inaugural Cam for a Cause Gala in honor of his late co-star and friend. Cameron was just 20 years old when he died in his sleep in July 2019 after a seizure caused by epilepsy. People On the occasion, Disney Channel Alum published:

“I think Cam was the most vibrant person I knew. I think in that, he has inspired me to be more alive, he has inspired me to be more human, to feel more deeply. “

The moment Dove Cameron learns about Cameron Boyce's death
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26 years old Continued:

“And I think that’s one of the things he’s got. He touched people that way. In a way that I don’t know anyone else has. And, of course, peace for all the world. “

He added that it was “extremely emotional” for him. We understand that! After the event, Dove took her to him Instagram Lately, with another very candid reflection on her mental health, reveals that she is struggling with her sense of identity. While posting a series of mirror selfies where his eyes were swollen with tears, he explained:

“I have been covering the mirror lately. I’m feeling wrong about the clothes that made me feel good lately. I’ve been crying a lot lately, sometimes terrified by my identity and image, sometimes full of something new and accessory and pleasurable to me. “

Growing up can be a challenge, we’re sure he’s not alone in feeling that way …

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The Leave and Maddie Alum, who identifies as a queer, also notes that “sexuality and functional gender norms, social rewards and identity” are really “throwers”. [her] For a loop, “adds:

“What I’m saying is that I’m in the process, I’m investigating, I’ve been struggling for more than half the time, and instead of punishing myself for not knowing what I’m feeling, I’m trying to maintain a quiet non-judgmental curiosity or where I’m going. “

Probably inspired by the way Cameron lived his life, he concluded in a positive note:

“I began to hope that a public platform that was difficult for me to learn to take my own place could actually be a vehicle for change / mutual support / exploration / security. We have a place to talk about things that frighten us / can’t be commercialized on a large scale, that can’t be commercialized and can’t be easily word-bitten. Maybe the spaces that have the fewest people can become the most people, if we want that, and we can all let each other take up a little more space. I love you. “

You can check its full reflection (below).

Discuss such a difficult but important topic, especially with her young fans! Thank God he is finding some moments and “healing” in these difficult days!

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