Dr. Jane Armstrong wants full custody after her break from the Rhine Holiday

Last week, we reported that Dr. Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday have parted ways again.

It came as no surprise that Jane was so open about her troubled marriage The real housewife of Orange County.

The two have been married for about eight years.

In addition to filing for legal divorce, Jane is seeking full legal and physical custody of the couple’s three children.

Rhine Holiday and Jane Armstrong and family

Dr. Jane Armstrong and Ryan have a 10-year-old twin and a nine-year-old son.

He wants full custody of all three, to meet Rhine.

Significantly, this is not their first breakup, as the two broke up last year … but promised a quick reunion and work on their marriage.

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong reveals that Rhine has left her

In March. The two of them listed their Newport Beach property.

The cost of their inquiry was $ 5.9 million.

Now, they’ve reconsidered their options, and instead of selling the house, they’ll just rent it out … মাসে 20,000 a month.

Pictures of Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday

Interestingly, Jane and Rhine had already bought a new home.

At the time of the acquisition, she told Andy Cohen that she and her husband were looking for a “reboot” with the new home.

The new home is in Dr. Jane’s childhood neighborhood, which he described as a “dream” for her to return home.

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong wants a real kiss

Then, last month, Jane went to Instagram to reflect on how she was filming The real housewife of Orange County There were some unexpected benefits.

In other words, being on camera brought them face to face with some of their problems and asked them to have some important conversations.

This is no different than what Emily Simpson described as happening to him and his own wife.

Rhine Holiday and Jane Armstrong

“It’s just forced us to say, ‘We have to separate or resolve.’ So we are doing therapy, ”Dr. Jane shared earlier this spring.

“We’re at the solution stage right now and it’s getting better,” he said at the time. “In our core part, we both want to be together.”

Jane continued: “We both get to see each other better. We need some equipment to overcome this.”

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong warns about self-medication

Apparently, despite their considerable efforts, it did not work out.

Earlier this month, however, Jane and Rhine showed their cooperation with a family trip to Disneyland, showing their kids that separation doesn’t have to be scary.

These breakups can be scary for children, even between the ages of 9 and 10.

Jane Armstrong and Rhine Holiday

It’s not clear what the final straw might be, but it’s possible they were simply unable to make things up.

What their new housing situation might be is equally unclear.

They can still rent their old house, or one of the two of them can go back.

Emily Simpson, Heather Dubro and Dr. Jennifer Armstrong Crack Up

Reality TV can create or break relationships and one reason is to see yourself from the outside and from the perspective of the viewer.

Just as Emily and Shane realized how they were meeting – or not – Jane and Rhine had their own perceptions.

But it’s not going to fix a relationship. This is not counseling for couples, and filming such an event can do more harm than good in some cases.

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