Dua Lipa and FKA twigs love triangle with Hanky ​​Netflix star?!?

The latest Doa lipaOf New rules There must be some rules based on this messy romantic engagement! Hitmaker, with new songs Megan Thi Stallion Summer is on the verge of becoming an earwax, apparently having a love triangle with someone other than the lyricist. FKA stalks!

Dua was recently seen dancing at a club in Madrid Aaron Piper – The actor who plays the character of loving and shy under NetflixIts Spanish teen drama The elite. And when we say dance, we mean. Dance.

In the video, originally posted Tick ​​tockDuring the dance, the couple is seen getting very hands on each other and getting annoyed with each other. In the second part, they are seen whispering in each other’s ears and smiling.

See Heat (below):

@yaramerlyn Aron Piper and Dua Lipa together, Madrid❤️ ???? # aronpiper #dualipa #dualipayaronpiper #aronpiperdit #aronpipervideos #aronpiperfan #aronpiperfan Bunny and Raw Alexander

That’s great! The chemistry of these two!

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Fans of the singer and actor were quick to find the video via hashtag, and they had different opinions on the video. Door separation with long time boyfriend Anwar Hadid Six months ago, so fans are happy to see her move forward. One tweet received over 80,000 likes and featured a screenshot of the heated moment with the caption “Dua Lipa and Aaron Piper Besties”. One fan responded with lyrics to the hit song A kiss:

“It’s all about a kiss, falling in love with me

The excitement will soon turn to confusion, however, when FKA posted its own TikTok featuring twigs Aron. In the video, she and the 25-year-old can be seen on a beach in a spicy makeup session.

What ??!

Not only that, he also posted the video After the morning Aaron and Duake were seen at the club!

@fkatwigs ???? ♬ Assassin – FKA twigs

Um … what? Did Aaron leave the club and go straight to the beach to make out with another girl? Or was Twigs taking a jolt to Dua and Aaron for the tick that captured their animosity by posting an old video saved by him ??

The FKA video has garnered over half a million views and nearly 5,000 comments, most of which suggest a love triangle or argument between the two singers:

“What are the girls fighting for Aaron Piper?”

“She is OK and I live for it.”

“Here she is.”

Maybe it’s a video clip shot? What will be the prayer lipper? What’s going on? “

“What’s going on?” What song is this? ”

The song in the background of the video only raises more doubts because it is an unpublished song that is said Killer. The song that is heard is “Dangerous to be a woman in love”.

But is she a woman of love? Is he dangerously in love with Aaron Piper? And what about Matty Healy Of 1975, Her supposed boyfriend since 2020? He recently confirmed as March that they were still together, what’s going on ??

None of these dubious love triangles talked about the play, which only fuels speculation that it could be a promotional stunt for an upcoming collaboration between the two musicians.

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If you haven’t heard, the pair have already recorded a track together, headlined Why don’t you love meWhich was teased during the door livestream in 2020.

In January, the stalks spoke Apple Music About his expected cooperation with Levitating The singer, who says the song was “not scrapped” and “no reason”, has not yet released it. Hmmm.

So, is this a love triangle – or a very clever way to tease Finally done Collaboration between these talented pop stars? Maybe with a The boy is mineSexy Aaron Piper starring in -style music video? Let us know what you think!

[Image via Instagram/FKA twigs/Dua Lipa/TikTok/FKA twigs]

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