Duck Dynasty star debuts in abortion debate, Major Backlash Garners

Corey Robertson is embroiled in an abortion controversy.

Over the past few weeks, the issue has dominated the national headlines after a draft opinion was leaked online – for the first time in the history of the Supreme Court.

The draft opinion apparently reflects the views of nine judges on Rowe v. Wade, a 1973 lawsuit that legalized abortion across the country.

Based on the opinion of Judge Samuel Alito, written in favor of the majority in this example, the court is ready Invert In this case this summer … that means each state will be responsible for its own abortion laws.

Corey Robertson and husband

“I’ve been around about whether there should be a post about the ongoing abortion controversy in our country.

“I know how personal and emotional this issue is, and the Internet can be a rough place for difficult conversations,” Robertson wrote in opening his blog entry.

“I have a lot of sympathy for the women who chose abortion and had to make a difficult decision at a very difficult and uncertain time in your life.

“I hope you know how much a God loves you who sees you and was with you even then.”

Korie Robertson on insta

Corey, daughter-in-law of Phil Robertson, founder of Poultry Commander, and wife of Willie Robertson, has starred in the A&E post dynasty for many years.

Corey continued to publicly support her faith and become a member of the Republican Party:

“I understand that my writing can be risky. I will not say it right. People will not agree. I will probably write something that even my friends or followers do not agree with.

“Okay. It’s important to ignore or keep quiet about a conversation so we’re here …”

Korie Robertson insta

And then he left as follows:

“The thing that bothers me the most from the bat is the sound Like the pros.

“I think it was a great marketing decision. It implies that you are against the right of women to choose what will happen to their bodies if they are not for abortion or for” choice. “

“And it’s a false narrative that I can’t help talking about.”

Photo by Corey Robertson and Willie Robertson

Robertson goes on to explain ways to support his choice in this regard:

“I 100% support a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body.”

“I am incredibly grateful that there are so many options for women of our day and age to choose between ending her life in her womb and beyond,” he said, detailing the various birth control options available, adding that Medicaid and Planned Parenthood can help.

Robertson believes that men also carry responsibilities.

Korie Robertson Photo

“I’m not letting men hook off here,” the reality star wrote.

“A man should always consider the consequences of his actions for unprotected sex. Condoms should always be preferred to protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

“Men should be equally responsible. Women have the right to demand condoms during sexual intercourse.”

This seems like an obvious point. Of course women have such rights.

Korie Robertson Pic

Robertson said he would make an exception for incest and rape because these actions take away a woman’s ability to choose what happens to her body.

Former members of the Duck Dynasty cast more “likes” that women could take instead of terminating their pregnancies, including adoption, calling it “beautiful and heroic” … before writing that “literally we have millions of guardians” The country has a waiting list for child adoption. “

And he made his position as simple as possible:

“In the end, I do not believe that infanticide should be legal in this country, and I do not believe it is a women’s rights issue.”

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