DWS star Gleb Savchenko denies rumors of a relationship with Jana Kramer: ‘Not at all’

Gleb Savchenko The direction of his story is also being confirmed!

The Dance with the stars The professional walked the red carpet on Sunday evening in El Le for 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Jana KramerWhich allegedly started on the hit set ABC Dance competition show!

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As we are reporting, the Hanky ​​dancer was accused of having an affair with Jana while competing directly. DWTS. In fact, he is far from the first star to grace the stage with Gleb and then verbally engage with him. But after Jana’s ugly breakup with her boyfriend, the rumor must have caught a lot of attention. Ian Shinley.

Now, with a new conversation ET, 38-year-old dancer speaks his truth! The outlet was caught with Gleb on the red carpet at the Unscripted Gala on Sunday night and he explained how chemistry among dance partners works in a high-profile, emotionally charged series:

“There’s a lot of acting, there’s a lot of chemistry, there’s natural chemistry and you know, when you dance and you train someone every day, and you’re close and personal, you build a certain connection. The audience sees it. I mean, you want to get it because you want to survive the competition and my job was to make sure we could really, really go a long way. “

Still, he was Inflexible Nothing unpleasant happened between him and her I got the boy Singer

Repeatedly saying “not at all” when asked if he and Jana had ever had a relationship while dancing together, Gleb said:

“Have we ever had anything?” Absolutely not. Absolutely not. No matter what she says to her boyfriend, she may have tried to make him jealous, you know. You can ask him the same question, he will probably answer the same thing.

Sounds like a pretty strong rebuttal, TBH!

Indeed, Shinley was more stunned by the publicly accused statement than the dancer’s alleged anonymous relationship. Ian’s take on Jana explains his reaction DWTS Invoices and more, Gleb says:

“It simply came to our notice then. I’m totally surprised. He texted me. He was, ‘Dude, like, can you imagine him saying all this? I never did, you know … whatever. ‘ So, of course not. “

The good part is that Jana doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed by the demands at all! Gleb relayed to the outlet that he had already told her if he had come down for a reunion DWTS There has always been an All-Star season:

“He said, ‘Listen, if there’s an all-star season, I’ll come back and dance with you.’

That would be amazing, TBH! We don’t think Shinelli will care so much about it, but the rest of us will tune in! LOLz! Of course, no All-Star season is working. But with DWTS Moved from ABC Disney +Savchenko has “crossed his fingers” that the streaming giant will have a “great change” next season.

Dance Pro gushed about the show’s transition to the digital realm, and hopefully that connection DisneyIts streaming outlets will allow better future crossover moments to be broadcast:

“Disney Week and Disney Moments, we’ve been on the show for so long, so moving to Disney + gives us a different opportunity to get closer to Disney. Over the last few seasons, we’ve been shooting at opening numbers and huge group numbers like this at Disneyland. In fact, Disneyland has shut down the whole thing, so, that’s great. I think this is a new, great change. I’m so excited. I’m looking forward to it. “

Makes us wise!

What do you think, Perezcious reader? And more importantly, what do you do about denying Gleb’s relationship?!?! Did you buy his story, or are you sure something else is going on here ??

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