Ellen DeGeneres bids emotional farewell to fans in the final talk show episode – see

After 19 seasons and a career-ending workplace controversy, Ellen DeGeneres For good his talk show is over.

Ellen DeGeneres Show It started with a touching note on Thursday morning, when the comedian got on stage for the last time before giving his final monologue.

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He started:

“Welcome to our last show, I moved here 19 years ago and I said it was the beginning of a relationship and today is not the end of a relationship, it’s a little break. It’s like, ‘You can watch other talk shows now,’ and I might see other viewers occasionally. “

The superstar then reflects on the hardships she faced in airing the show as an open lesbian right after her sitcom. Ellen Was dismissed because his character came out as gay. He added:

“When we were trying to sell this show 20 years ago, nobody thought it would work. Not because it was a different kind of show, but because I was different. Very few stations wanted to buy the show and here we are celebrating this amazing journey together after 20 years. “

The Yellow edible marine finding The star shared that she was not even allowed to use the word “gay” on the show when the show started, telling viewers:

“I’ve said a lot at home, ‘What are we eating for our gay breakfast?’ Or ‘Pass the Gay Salt.’ … Of course the wife couldn’t say that and that’s because it wasn’t legal to marry a homosexual and now I say wife all the time … 25 years ago they canceled my sitcom because they didn’t do it once a week a lesbian Want to be in primetime, so I said, “OK, I’ll be here every day, so how are you?”

Gurl is really a trailblazer!

He continued:

“What a beautiful, beautiful journey we’ve had together. We’ve been able to change people’s lives, and this show has changed my life forever. This is the biggest experience for me. It’s beyond my wildest imagination. “

The show’s conclusion follows last year’s comedian’s “toxic workplace” debate. At least the star can say he’s finishing on a good note?

Ellen, WitchAnd the whole studio audience danced together to the song for the last time Best of my love. See his final monologue (below).

After the interview Jennifer Aniston – Ellen’s first guest in 2003 – P! NkAnd Billy Ilish, The comedian gave his final farewell. View clips from each segment (below).

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