Elon Musk paid a SpaceX flight attendant 250 250,000 to hide his sex

It seems Elon Musk Rocket crashes and burns …

So if you do not follow Tesla Became the CEO Twitter – You know, the app he thought he was going to buy – There was quite an interesting development on Wednesday. He tweeted multiple times about how he would vote for the Republicans exclusively because the Democrats are bad, blah blah blah. But then he followed suit with a few more ominous messages:

“Now look at their dirty tricks being spread against me …”


“Political attacks on me will increase dramatically next month”

If you have been in this business for as long as you have, you can smell such a PR strategy one mile away. We immediately thought to ourselves, “Okay, is Elon trying to come up with a bad story?” After all, news outlets reach out for a comment before publishing – so the public’s personality is rarely blinded by the story. Not to mention they don’t know what they did …

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Calling the future a “political attack” could work with followers of his culture, but it doesn’t really make sense. We mean … what he did was vote for the Republicans. It’s not like that a big surprise. Most billionaires do, because that party gives them the best tax break.

However, it took only 24 hours before our suspicions were confirmed. Business Insider Has become an outlet with Scoop and it is here:

Elon Musk secretly paid Space 250,000 to a SpaceX flight attendant in 2018 to settle a sexual misconduct claim. And they have all the details.

A friend of the flight attendant opened the site, signed a declaration and handed over various letters and documents. The following all come from these sources and their records:

According to sources, the young woman worked as a cabin crew on SpaceX’s corporate jet fleet in 2016. After taking the job, he was also encouraged to get a massage license, especially so that he could be given the responsibility of giving Elon massage whenever he wanted. All right, already. Friend says:

“They indicated that if he continued to do this, he would be able to fly more often because he would be able to give Elon a proper massage. I thought it was kind of weird – you weren’t hired to be a massage therapist. You have been assigned as a flight attendant. And if Elon likes massage, he should be paid to go to your massage school. But he was happy and eager to get a job and be able to travel. “

But it just started line-crossing. While traveling to London on her Gulfstream G650ER, the woman claimed Elon had asked her to come to his private cabin to give him a “full body massage”. When he entered, he was “completely naked without a sheet covering the bottom half of his body.” During the massage, he said, he deliberately “exposed her genitals” and then “touched her and offered to buy her a horse if she wanted to ‘do more’ ‘, referring to the performance of the sexual activity.

Sorry, a horse ?! What a weird detail … the source site says:

“He pulled out his penis, it was erect. And he began to offer her, as he touched her thighs and told her that he would buy her a horse. And he basically tried to bribe her for some kind of sexual advantage. “

Apparently the flight attendant rode the horse, and Elon was informed at one point. However, he declined the offer and continued to massage in a professional manner.

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Later on, while going on a trip, he opened up about this to a friend. The friend described him as upset over the incident:

“She was really upset. She didn’t know what to do.”

First, the friend says it clearly ruined his job:

“Before the incident, he thought Mr Musk was the person to look at. But after she exposed herself, touched him without permission and offered to pay for sex, he became anxious. “

Then the work starts to go away, in a pattern any waitress or other hourly worker who has been abused will be able to recognize:

“He thought things could go back to normal and he would pretend nothing happened. However, he started to feel like he was taking some kind of revenge where his shifts were cut and he was really starting to feel the pressure.”

Servant (whose identity Internal Said that they are keeping the victim a victim of sexual misconduct in order to protect her. Finally, in 2018, he hired a lawyer and filed a complaint through SpaceX’s HR department. He told his story, and the attorney received a friend’s sworn statement as a contemporary support.

But this story was never seen in the courtroom, so we didn’t hear anything about it.

He and Elon met with a mediator, and were offered a 250k divorce in exchange for a promise never to sue. The written agreement contains non-disclosure and non-disclosure clauses that prevent him from telling the story to anyone else – or say anything about paying for the divorce.

Yes. It’s a silent money payment.

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The friend, however, is not bound by the contract. And after Elon started talking about “free speech” and sunlight “the best disinfectant”, he felt compelled to come forward. He said:

“It simply came to our notice then. He is the richest man in the world. Someone at that level of power is doing such damage and then throwing some money at the situation, it is not accountability. There are hunters all over the world. But when someone is particularly rich and powerful, they literally have a system that is like a device that works for them, so that they can do whatever they want. ”

Interestingly, California – where SpaceX is based – no longer allows the use of NDAs in settlements involving sexual harassment, discrimination or assault.

As we said, Internal Follow the rules and reach out to Elon for comment. He emailed again more time to reply, telling them that “there’s a lot more to this story.” He then argued:

“If I had been involved in sexual harassment, it would have been less likely for the first time in my entire 30-year career.”

Internal Actually Did Give him an extension.

But of course, we know what he did after that – he went online and said that he was the target of a political attack before any harmful part came out. He was a staunch pro-Republican and said the Boogieman Democrats would come and get him for it. Hmmm … sounds weird …

What do you think about this complaint, Perezcious reader ??

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