Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaise’s storyline reveals biggest flaw in 90-day engagement

Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaise were not in the latest episode 90 day engagementBut they are still a hot topic.

Since their last episode, some viewers have looked to the past of Bilal and Shaider’s Lifetime Psychological Thriller Vibes to label Emily a “villain.”

There is a simple explanation as to why Emily and Kobe are getting such a strong response.

And it just goes to the heart 90 day engagementThe most harmful problem.

Kobe Blais is chatting while Emily Beverly is feeding Kobane

In many ways, the stories of Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaze are inspiring.

They’ve been waiting so long to be together, it’s really not their fault, and they both want to show love to their young son.

Kobe traveled to Selina, Kansas to live with Emily and her family and eventually to bond with the precious little Kobane. This is a beautiful story.

Kobe Blaise - Meeting Kobane for the first time

But in the 5th episode, things took a turn for the worse when Kobe confronted Emily about pumping milk for Kobane.

He did not like the fact that he was doing it at all and insisted that he should not do it in the living room.

Kobe challenged Emily quite vaguely while pumping milk for their son, claiming it was “not normal.”

Emily was stunned, as were any viewers who had not seen its warnings in the previews.

She already has her own home. Where was he supposed to go to the pump?

Down in the basement, according to Kobe.

Emily Beverly - Where Do I Go?  Down?

Interestingly, Kobe – perhaps answering a producer’s question – claims that this is unusual in Africa.

Kobe hails from Cameroon, and we have no doubt that his impressions of “discreet” women reflect his life experiences.

But many African fans 90 day engagement Noting that this is not universal for the entire continent, some have admitted that they have assumed that being strict for breastfeeding is an “American” thing.

Kobe Blaise - Women in Africa would be a little more discreet

There is no question that many Americans have a hangup about breasts, women, motherhood and where they intersect when it comes to breastfeeding.

Fortunately, Emily’s parents have confirmed to the camera that they do not share that old worldview.

They support their daughter to feed their grandson and do not want him to hide in a house of shame for doing so. Obviously.

Emily Beverly's parents David and Lisa support Emily to breastfeed Koban

Kobe soon revealed that there was more to breasts than just tightening.

She admits that she wants Emily Koban to start breastfeeding, without following the baby-centered breastfeeding route.

Although virtually every health organization in the world recommends breastfeeding for 2 years or older, Kobe found it strange that Kobane was still breastfeeding.

Kobe Blaze - How you have to stop him

Cameroon’s own government recommends breastfeeding for 2 years or older.

There are also alarming health statistics about the role malnutrition plays in the deaths of young children in Cameroon.

Despite multiple initiatives for breastfeeding, the report says cultural barriers – which may explain Kobe’s attitude – have hampered this great effort.

Cameroon child malnutrition death - 38% under 5 years of age

It soon became clear that Kobe, speaking to the camera, did not want to “share” Emily’s breasts with her son.

He and Emily are engaged and reviving their sex life … as much as possible, they live with their parents and their parents.

But she wants her breasts all to herself, which is a weird way of looking at things.

Kobe Blaise - I have to suck her breasts

That’s a lot to unpack already, but we knew it was coming.

It’s not just the trailer that warns us. The camera and editing confirmed that we had all seen Emily breastfeeding Koban.

Part of it was getting feedback from mother-shameful misogynists who felt like Kobe, and part of it was setting the audience for Kobe’s clash.

Kobane stays in high power while sleeping with Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaise

Emily has other simple shots, using her separate bed at home from one night with Kobe at the hotel before she comes home to help Kobane stay on schedule.

Emily must have been her protector, especially past and present breastfeeding parents and others who never felt it appropriate to hide in shame.

But overall, even as viewers watch Bilal play with Shaida’s emotions until she is in tears, Emily is receiving “villain” treatment.

Mother-Shameful Breastfeeding 01 out of 03 (May 2022 example)

It’s not like the show – from producer to editor – didn’t know that Emily would react to feeding her son.

There have been many viral stories in recent years that make a mother feel ashamed of breastfeeding her baby.

Whether it’s at a restaurant or on a park bench, intruding strangers will make unreasonable claims to strangers, some of whom clap and go viral for it.

Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Breastfeeding 02 out of 03 (May 2022 example)

The incident of this particular type of misogynistic trolling is so well documented that there are support groups.

Our culture makes the breasts sex to such an extent that even breastfeeding a baby is considered “indecent.”

That’s not all, and it’s getting better, but many parents know that refusing to hide in the bathroom to feed their child can be their goal – and 90 day engagement That was the countdown.

Mother's shameful breastfeeding 03 out of 03 (May 2022 example)

90 day engagement The reason for hating women is that there is a long history of using editing to spoon-feed them to hate women on screen and even feeding misogynists using castings.

Some of the women in the franchise are really scary people, but we’re not talking about Leida Margaretha or Angela Eggs.

One only has to edit a little context – or, more simply, show a young, beautiful woman her life – and a certain segment of the audience will eat them alive.

Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaise have 90 days left in their marriage

Considering the world we live in, it’s almost amazing to see 90 day engagementIts a miscible problem Large It’s more about racism or xenophobia.

As long as the edit continues to fill it, each season a few stars (often internal) will be thrown into a flesh-grinder fueled by misjini.

Maybe Emily will do something terrible later this season. At the moment, she’s just feeding her son, and those who have problems – including Kobe – are absolutely wrong.

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