Erica Jane lashes out at the producer who questions the “unproven” allegations.

Season 12 premiere The real housewife of Beverly Hills is looming

In the meantime, fans are getting a glimpse of Erica Jane answering any questions about her scandal or allegations against her.

In a word? Weak.

We know Erica regrets her on-screen behavior, but does that include hitting a producer for following the conversation?

Erica Jane claims to Garsell Beauvois

Ahead of the May 11 season premiere, Bravo released a lip service where Erica is talking to Jane Garcel Beauvais.

Season 11 was a heavy time for Erica, and she’s still explicitly processing how some of her customers talked about her, her divorce, and her legal troubles.

Erica Sutton singles out Strack, claiming that her custom “chose to repeat and say unproven things.”

Flashback to Sutton Strike in Season 11

We see a flashback from Sutton referring to the “ঘরে 20 million elephants in the house” as a clear indication of the allegations against Erica.

Although we should keep in mind that no criminal charges have been brought against Erica, the allegations and Inuendo have been flying for some time.

At one point it was claimed that more than $ 20 million had been funneled into Erica’s business to cover up stolen money for Tom Girard’s clients.

Garsell Beauvais's listening face

“I never had it,” Erica insisted to Garsell.

“It was never in my hands,” he insisted. “It was never in my account.”

Garcel stares with an attentive, polite listening face that almost captivates his true thoughts.

Erica Jane is upset about being badmouthed

To the confessional camera, Garsell is more direct.

“Except for Erica that they have been proven false,” he notes, “I haven’t seen anything.”

Garsell continued: “Not on paper, not on the blog, nowhere.”

Garcelle Beauvais has a very fair question

“If that’s true,” Garsell asks, “why isn’t it in the press?”

That’s a fair question … and, in a sense, it’s in the press.

But while Erica is arguably making some points here, there may be a good reason why Garsell didn’t see any “denial of Erica allegations”! Title

Erica Jane cares about Erica Jane

However, Erica says that “the information is in my favor.”

He is unhappy that Sutton has “spoken so strongly on unproven issues.”

The producer then works on them, asking what exactly was unproven and by whom – a very normal follow-up for any reality show.

Garcelle Beauvais delighted

“I don’t know,” Erica replies, briefly detailing.

“You have to test them,” he points out, insisting: “But it was unproven.”

“So,” Erica argued, “Bravo can do them a favor. I don’t really know.”

Erica Jane looks at a customer

Erica stressed that this information is available to the public.

“Tell them to go – read everything the king has left for my lawyer,” Erica claims.

“They can answer their own F-King questions,” he says.

Garcelle Beauvais asks what F-K?

We can all sympathize to one point, realizing that Erica is under tremendous pressure.

Even though there are no charges against him, his life has been turned upside down in a very public and painful way.

But … it is surprising that anyone in that position would make such a statement without mentioning it.

Erica Jane wants a new public enemy

And, needless to say, denying the public statements made by one’s own attorney is not the same thing as an allegation.

It is Erica’s attorney’s job to advocate for her.

The general public – and indeed, Garsell – will look to more neutral groups for information on what is “unproven” and what is not.

Garcelle Beauvais responds to season 10 reunion

That said, Erica may be wondering how the allegations against her have been taken seriously.

These allegations have also been made by the parties involved – including their attorneys – and have not been substantiated

It is not reasonable for him to expect people to accept his words as things are “unproven” but so far, many people have caught up with the facts that work against him.

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