Euphoria’s Dominic Fike finally confirms relationship with Hunter Schaefer –

Dominic Fike He’s talking about the lady of his life – and no, not the one he made viral last week!

Day after day Wave The star exploded to discuss her imagination Amber Hard In the wake of his ongoing defamation lawsuit, the musician has redirected to his IRL SO. He finally confirmed the relationship with the co-star Hunter Shaffer!

Chatting with GQ For its June / July issue, the 26-year-old has confirmed his relationship with the actress and revealed that their time HBO The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

“Right now, your relationship is accelerating because you immediately become very weak with someone. Which usually takes a lot of time. Some people fall in love, for example, months or years after they meet. We created an attraction – it accelerated so fast. We really got to know each other very quickly. “

Dominic, who plays Elliott WaveHe added that he is “very much in love” with Hunter, with whom he has been associated since the beginning of the year, posing together for the season 2 premiere of their show. In February, they also shared a kiss for a photo of an Instagram story. However, this is the first time Dominic has confirmed that they are dating.

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Although we love that these two are official, we can’t raise eyebrows at the time of confirmation of this relationship! We mean, it all seems like a distraction from the star debate!

As mentioned, in the middle of a concert a few days ago, the actor told the audience that he often imagined “beating” Amber Hard. She exploded to shed light on domestic violence and many social media users believe she ruined her career for expressing her controversial views! Win! Check out the viral moment (below):

Such a wild thing to say!

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And here are some of the most intense fan feedback:

“The way you look at justice is annoying and a weird thing to say about potential abusers / victims.”

“Dominic Fayek is so irrelevant that he’s trying to do controversial things just to get rid of it. It’s embarrassing to try to be sharp in your old age like people sit down.”

“Oh Dominic Fake is very weird and ugly and weird”

“This video is an example of a literal textbook of hateful comments that make male victims reluctant to come forward and share that they have been abused by women for fear that boys like ‘Dominic Fayek’ will make fun of them.” It looks so bad. “

No wonder she’s trying to flaunt her romance with Hunter right now! Think, fan reader?

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube]

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