Eva Mendes wants to return to acting – but there are two big rules!

Eva Mendes Silver can return to the screen, but only if the right part comes its way!

The actress appeared in Tuesday’s episode Scene And revealed that he was finally ready to start acting again after taking a short break to raise his daughters, Esmeralda7, and Amanda6, whom he shares with his longtime partner Ryan Gosling. But this time around, he’s going to make extra choices about the projects he’s taking on!

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When chatting with hosts Hoopi Goldberg And Sunny Houston48 year old food:

“I have a short list of what to do. Like kids before, I was ready for anything – I mean, if it’s a fun project. “

Now it doesn’t just have to be a curious story, but it doesn’t include any mature topics, he explains:

“But now I won’t be jealous, I don’t want to have sex, I don’t want to … The list is short.”

With a few big no-noses at the moment, Eva is seriously considering rejoining the entertainment world! When asked if he would consider setting foot in front of the camera for a “special project” complying with the new rules, he insisted he was planning it, saying:

“I hope so too. It has to be beautiful and clean.”

Hoopy had the perfect idea for him, adding:

“Like the product Disney By. “

The Hitch Alum then cheered:

“Disney! Perfect.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time that a mother of two has expressed a desire to act in a Disney movie! He’s really trying to reveal it!

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Back in 2020, Mendes said Entertainment tonight Sharing that he would love to play a Disney villain:

“I am more of a villain. I’m more of a Ursula type… I like Disney movie villains. They’re funny. “

Eva last appeared in 2014 The lost river, A thriller / fantasy film written, co-produced, and directed by his wife! Apparently, since becoming a mother, she has wanted to move on to more family-friendly content, because last year, she gave voice to a yoga instructor in the popular animated series. Blue. Maybe it’s a Disney flick he and Ryan star together ?! That would be great!

Check out Ch-ch’s full interview where he discusses his various business ventures, the most common struggles with his baby dad, and his acting goals (below).

Think, fan reader? Excited to see Eva acting again ?!

[Image via Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

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