Evelyn Cormier and David Vazquez Jermeno Divorce Final: Wow, it’s over!

Late last year, 90 day engagement Alam Vazquez has filed for divorce from David Vazquez Germeno.

Evelyn wasn’t exactly a fan-favorite in her season, but she still went on to do a splash on American Idol.

Her marriage, however, turned out to be more than a wash – accusing her of mental abuse, narcissism and failure to keep her contract in the bedroom.

Now the divorce of the two has been finalized.

Evelyn and David

It took Evelyn just five months after she filed for divorce in November.

In touch weekly On April 22, a judge signed a divorce, the report said.

Evelyn and David are currently living on the opposite coast of the United States, so they both got divorced electronically.

Evelyn Carmier and David

Some fans 90 day engagement There are fears that Evelyn may return for a term 90 days: single life.

Earlier this year, Evelyn addressed whether she was planning to return to a franchise.

“A lot of people have asked me if I plan to work 90 days: single lifeAnd my simple answer is no, “said Evelyn.

Evelyn Cormier IG - Breakup announcement

“Right now, I’m not thinking about my next relationship,” Evelyn shared in March.

“It’s important to heal mentally and emotionally before jumping into something new,” he confirmed.

“I want a healthy fresh start when I’m ready for it,” Evelyn added. “For now, I’m focusing on myself.”

Evelyn Carmier and David, Date Knight

Evelyn was only 18 when she appeared 90 day engagement.

In a very recent episode 90 day diaryHe admits that he got married at such a young age and realized his mistake.

“I knew right away that I had made a really big mistake and I had to live with it,” he told his family on camera.

Evelyn Carmier for American Idol

“I married David when I was just 18,” Evelyn told the producers.

“I think I was 18, but my parents did. It worked for them, “he added.

“I know it’s okay to have problems in your relationship,” Evelyn shared, “but I just went blind.”

David and Evelyn and Evelyn's father

A problem may have less to do with youth and more to do with age.

The age difference between him and David, who is about 8 years his senior, is now perhaps negligible.

But when Evelyn was 18, David was an adult in his mid-twenties.

Evelyn Carmier

To make matters worse, how they met – on social media, chatted with each other on Instagram before the meeting, and two weeks later, got engaged.

Many people meet on social media before falling in love.

However, all of this was not exactly the way the two presented themselves on television.

90 day fianc ই Evelyn David first interaction

As the story line of Evelyn and David airs, cyber-threads dig up old, outdated interactions from Instagram.

They started “talking” in public comments when Evelyn was in her teens – when David was already in his twenties.

That is not a beautiful sight. Depending on what happened to their DM, there could be manipulation, inappropriate speech, and possibly (actual) decoration.

Picture of Evelyn Karmiya

Some have joked (or not quite joked) that David has lost interest in Evelyn because she became an adult woman in her twenties.

It may be unfair … or it may not be … but people have a lot of questions about this crawl.

Evelyn is the one who made a terrible impression on the screen, but in the end David is the one who comes across as the real villain in their story.

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