Even after Travis Barker’s marriage, Scott Dixie is mopping up Courtney Kardashian

On the night of Courtney Kardashian’s Italian wedding, Scott Disk was partying at a strip club in New York.

We know what he was doing, and none of us can forget the many vocal complaints Scott has made over the months and years.

But now that he’s married (three times, no less), what does Scott really feel about his ex?

Well … he’s not the happiest camper.

Scott Disk has been happy

An internal source said In touch weeklyDetails that Scott is struggling with some sad feelings.

Anyone else could be trying to cope.

However, insiders explained that Scott was “deep down, it hurts” to see Courtney and Travis’ wedding officially go.

Courtney Kardashian and Travis Barker were married in Italy

“Courtney’s Portofino has been hitting the Scott bar since the wedding,” the source admitted.

We saw it for ourselves, especially after Scott was seen partying on Sunday night.

“No matter what anyone says,” the insider insisted, “Courtney is the one who escaped.”

Scott Disk throws a Mamata party

Like the rest of us, Scott couldn’t help but be aware of marriage.

“Seeing Courtney and Travis scattered on the Internet surrounded by Kardashians,” the source noted, “was a hard pill to swallow for Scott.”

The insider continued: “He says he’s fine, and yes, he’s moved on.”

Courtney Kardashian IG after happiness

It’s one thing to see photos and videos of Courtney and Travis’ wedding all over social media.

If you’re not a fan of either side, you might be annoyed to see it in the spotlight.

Maybe the idea of ​​this little spaghetti part fills you with an inevitable rage.

Spaghetti plate at Courtney Kardashian's Travis Barker wedding

Yes, a real form of what was served to Courtney and Travis’ guests.

But for Scott, it’s not just a “boring” story that celebrities appreciate their wealth and perhaps offensive to some Catholics when celebrating their love.

She is married to her ex, the mother of her children, seven years after their divorce.

Scott Disk in Hulu

Among them, along with the ten-year history of On-Again, Off-Again, he also has to find this news inevitable.

Basically everyone in Scott’s life is part of Courtney. Well, basically everyone who is old enough to drink, however.

In fact, many of them were married – including their three children. Penelope was the daughter of flowers. The kingdom was the ring-bearer.

Scott Disc seems left

Scott has a history of not dealing properly with Courtney not being his partner.

We still vividly remember the summer he spent knocking on the ears with almost every 19-year-old model he could find.

Scott also reportedly was drinking heavily at the time, which shocked his friends and family.

Scott Disk is looking forward

Hopefully, we won’t see a repeat of 2017. None of the reports about his strip club visits describe alarming behavior.

Scott seems to be chasing the youngest, hottest models he can find.

This led him to waste time with Sophia Ritchie and then Amelia Hamlin, both of whom are worthy and could do better.

Scott Disk stands for his kids

Last year, Scott also fooled himself at Younes’ DM, hoping to build an unrealistic relationship by exposing Courtney and Travis to his other famous ex.

Younes instead reveals her clownery, humiliates her and perhaps hits the final nail in the coffin of her romance with Amelia.

Scott hopes to find a healthier way to express his emotions, deal with depression, and perhaps process those long-lasting feelings instead of hurting him.

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