Ezra Miller has threatened police with “hate crime” after using the wrong pronoun

More footage from Ezra MillerHawaii Arrests Released, Star Threatens Police Officer Using Wrong Pronouns!

Flash While on the island, the star has been embroiled in numerous legal complications over the past few months. The actor, who used his / her pronouns, was arrested at a bar in Hilo in March and arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment after snatching a mic from a female singer and stabbing a man playing darts.

We’ve already seen some horrific footage that night, in which the 29-year-old explains that they filmed part of their arrest for “NFT crypto art.” They accused a male officer of touching their penis while patting them down and assaulting them at the bar. But now more footage is being seen from an officer’s body cam The advantage of being a wallflower alum is requesting the police and calling them to use wrong pronouns.

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In the received clip TMZ On Monday, Ezra was placed in the back of a police car. Their hands are already handcuffed and behind their backs, but they urged officials to be vigilant as injuries could affect their music careers, saying:

“I am a musician, so my nerves in my hands are important to me. Please don’t hurt them. I pray you. “

Locals in New Jersey also revealed that their arrests back home had “caused nerve damage from police handcuffs.” Later, while the police are taking them to the station, a police officer, referring to the actor as “Sir”, arouses hate speech. Ezra corrects them:

“I am not, sir. I am a transgender non-binary. “

Police quickly apologized, replying:

“Okay. I was just trying to be respectful.”

But it also sparked further outrage from Miller, who told police they could expect legal consequences if he used the wrong pronoun again, they continued:

“If you fail to do it again, it is an act of intentional bigotry and a technically hate crime under US federal law.” Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ……….. … If you’re ready. “

Damn it! Way to tell them! Ch-ch-check out footage from the encounter Here.

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The pronouns of all the things that Ezra was caught attacking while running with the police certainly seem to be the most valuable for an argument! The situation seems to have calmed down after the party went to the police station. Although Miller was still suffering from pain in their wrists, they did not act as before.

Last month, Miller pleaded not guilty to any charges of disorderly conduct. They will have to pay a 500 fine. The judge also dismissed two additional counts against them “with bias”, including a harassment charge of the same incident and a separate traffic-barrier-related charge against them. Their karaoke was instructed to “stay away” from the bar, The village of MargaritaIn Hilo.

Rumor has it that their role in the role of Barry Allen FlashSet for premiere in June 2023, may be at risk, but a source said Rolling stone That Warner Bros. And DC Executives did not “break into any future projects” with the star. Either way, hopefully, Fantastic Beasts alum is getting necessary help to avoid legal trouble in future. Think, fan reader?

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN & Hawaii Police Department]

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