F ** K. Neve Campbell has announced that he will not be returning to Scream 6 after the studio

Did you know that Kill Count is the biggest returning character in Hollywood? Salary negotiation. And it hit again, this time on the otherwise indomitable Sydney Prescott.

Scream The winner returns to theaters this year, a joyous surprise at the death of the franchise creator Wes Craven. But Radio silenceThe team behind the fifth installment of the misleading title, ScreamProving that the series still has a vibe – and something to say about pop culture – even after so many years.

The latter went green almost immediately, and the casting news has been giving life to horror fans for the past few months. Not only will all the surviving new cast members come back, we’re getting a great return Hayden Panettiere As Kirby!

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But there are problems in Woodsborough. Word has started to turn that the biggest star is not coming back! And Monday Nave Campbell Confirmed the news DeadlineAnnouncing in a statement:

“Sadly I won’t make the next one Scream Movies. “

Why? Answers to 99 out of 100 questions in Tinseltown. Money, baby. Money.

Sadly, according to Neve, the studio led four out of five Scream Movies and its completely low ball! He lamented:

“I have had to work very hard to establish my value in my career as a woman, especially when it comes to scrimmage. I felt that the offer I was presented was not equal to the value I brought to the franchise.”

Hell. Yes. Gural. Know your worth.

Even if it means heartbreaking for millions of fans, it’s important that women draw the line and not let themselves be shortened – it’s been going on for a long time. She is busy with her role NetflixIts series adaptation Lincoln Lawyer And PeacockIts coming Twisted metal Show if they want him back, he deserves compensation for his time.

What the hell Paramount – Who has inherited the right to vote Bob WeinsteinOf Dimensional Movies – Thinking here? There is no ifing clue. But to get back to your scary movie you have to follow some rules to get a star. And they obviously did not follow them.

Neve is not happy about this either. He finished:

“It simply came to our notice then. To all my screaming fans, I love you. You have always supported me so incredibly. I am forever grateful to you for what this franchise has given me over the last 25 years. “

Man, what a bummer! Especially since we have learned Courtney Cox Officially returning as Gale Weathers. He said Diversity In an interview on Monday:

“I’m not dead, so yes, you can see me. Gone quite strong. He may not be Never [die]But who knows! “

We guess they didn’t hold together the way he once did with her Friends castmates?

What do you think? Scream Without Neve Campbell?

[Image via Paramount/YouTube.]

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