‘Fade Up’ Matthew McCannaghi holds back tears in emotional speech about guns

Matthew McConaughey Speaking of the devastating genocide that took place in his hometown of Uvalade on May 24 in Texas.

A few days after 19 children and two teachers were shot dead Rob Primary SchoolThe actor gave an emotional and passionate speech during Tuesday White House The press briefing called on politicians to enact better legislation to protect future children from gun violence.

White House Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre During the briefing, the 52-year-old was invited to the stage where he gave a 21-minute long speech Congress To take action.

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He began by explaining that after learning of the tragedy, he and his wife Camilla Alves Take their three children to Texas to pay their respects to those whose lives were soon taken and to connect with the victim’s family. In that conversation, Matthew realized that the whole family was struggling with the same question:

“How can this be a loss of life? While we respect and acknowledge the victims, we need to recognize that this time around, things seem to be different. Perhaps there is a feeling that there is an effective way forward [for enacting gun safety legislation]”

He reminded those he spoke to – from families to hunters and everyone involved – to see legislation being passed to protect their loved ones from future gun violence:

“We want safe and secure schools, and we want gun laws that don’t make it so easy for bad guys to get these heinous guns.”

McConaughey himself, as a gun owner, called on Congress to take “reasonable” and “practical” steps to protect the American people. These include making background checks mandatory for gun ownership, strengthening the “red flag” law, raising the minimum age for buying a semi-automatic rifle to 21, requiring waiting time for that rifle, and investing in mental health care. He explained:

“Responsible gun owners are upset that the Second Amendment has been abused and hijacked by some pervert. These regulations are not a step backwards, they are a step forward for a civil society and a step forward for the Second Amendment. “

He reminded politicians:

“As much as our country is divided, the issue of gun responsibility is one we agree more than we can do.”

During his speech, d Dallas Buyers Club Lead has heartily shared a few stories from some of the victims. To reiterate how devastating these losses were, he reflected many of the victim’s hopes and dreams for the future. The dream that they can no longer live. He also reflected on the horrible way they died – specifically sharing that one student was only identified because she wore the same pair of green converse every day. The rest of his body could not be identified due to gunshot wounds. Listen to this tear-jerking story (below).

It’s hard to imagine that these little kids were killed in such a stupid and violent way while trying to get to school.

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After proving these stories, Matthew ended his speech by speaking directly to those in charge:

“Would you please ask yourself: Can both sides rise to the top? Can both sides look beyond political issues and admit that we have a life-saving problem at hand?

He added:

“We can’t really be leaders if we survive re-election.”

Amen! Listen to his powerful speech in full (below).

Change was never needed again – to help these families build a grieving and secure society. We sincerely hope the authorities are listening to the statistics and will do something as soon as possible! Feedback, fan reader?

[Image via 10 Tampa Bay/ABC News/YouTube]

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