Fans of Britney Spears are really upset for her latest nude photos!

Britney Spears Just can’t win.

Over the years, fans have campaigned for the pop princess to end her patronage so that she can finally control her financial and personal decisions, as she does on social media – but now that she has that freedom, some people are more concerned than ever.

The latest controversy comes after the pop star posted a series of full-frontal nude pictures Instagram Monday, something he has been doing increasingly for the past few months. The pictures in question were taken during her recent trip to Mexico with her fianc Sam Asgari. Covering her privacy with just a few heart emojis, she left Too much Little imagination !!

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In the first series of snapshots, taken before becoming pregnant, the 40-year-old writes:

“The last time I was in Mexico was when I was a kid Inside me… why it makes me look 10 years younger on vacation ??? ”

As you can see, she is standing in a position where her breasts can be covered with her hands. Images on different filters are almost identical. An hour later, he returned with more pictures taken at the same place, adding:

“Don’t underestimate the ability to do it yourself and shoot with a selfie stick !!! I had a baby inside before the photo dump !!! “

Shortly afterwards, he shared similar pictures, noting:

“I love you all so much !!!! ”

But um … let’s just say that his fans aren’t so enthusiastic about NSFW content. In fact, Britt’s comments section quickly flooded in with a strong response because viewers were publicly concerned about her mental health! Let’s see:

“I don’t understand … just why ????

“I’m confused by all the nudes. I mean first pie but why continuous pictures. I’m not a hater at all, just want to know why. “

“Free?!?!? !!!!!!!!! Charge us!”

“Dude wtf? To be honest. Wtf.”

“I do not know why people rejoice over him. He is clearly not doing well. “

“This girl is sick. She’s crying for help.”

“I’m sure conservatism was a factor.”

“I really hope you stop doing this. You are proving that a strange instability exists. “

“I’m starting to think that those who were in control might have been in control …”

Shh that last comment is really just wonderful. The #FreeBritney Movement fought so hard for the celeb to regain its independence after 13 years in a so-called offensive conservatism. Now that he’s finally learning to regain control of his life and process the traumas he’s endured, fans suddenly think he’s By Need help ?!

They can’t fight for his freedom and at the same time limit what he can post and what he can’t! And after all, Britney says how much she has suffered at the hands of her father Jamie Spears And other conservatives, do you think anyone should actually return to their responsibilities? Giz.

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That said, it’s just not true Toxic The publisher is posting pictures in the vocalist’s village which has annoyed the fans – some are just worried that his two sons Shawn Preston16, and Jaden James15, whom she shares with her ex-husband Kevin FederlinePictures may come across, complaint:

“You know your kids and their friends see it? Embarrassing “

“Did you have to post the same nude photo more than once? How do you expect your teenage boys to look at you this way? “

“Make at least one fan page. I love Brittany but she’s got two big boys who can see it.”

Someone else blamed Sam for not preventing the actor from posting nude pictures directly, saying:

“If your guy was respectful of you, he wouldn’t let you post half a thing! Leave some secrets … “

Fortunately, there were some people – and sadly, we would say only a few (compared to the number of haters) – who supported the singer and fought against the negativity. One user mentioned:

“For years, Brittany was forced to remain silent and control her will so that others could gain money and power. They tried to destroy him, but he was stable. If she wants to pose nude then that is her right. If that makes you uncomfortable … well. “

You can say that again !!

Not everyone likes what Britney shares online, but if it makes her happy – and if it decides to reveal so much for her IG – so be it! The suggestion that these sexy snapshots need to bring her back to a conservative position seems to be a huge overreaction. She’s been through a lot of processing in the last decade of her life, with trolls criticizing her every move and debating her mental health.

But what do you think, Perezcious reader?

[Image via Britney Spears/Instagram]

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