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New couple this season Love Island UK Not sitting right with some fans!

In case you didn’t know, the popular reality series featured a number of unmarried people in the UK who traveled to Mallorca, Spain for eight weeks hoping to fall in love with their co-workers – oh, and there’s a chance to bring home a £ 50,000 prize. Damn it! Of course, there are plenty of traumatic twists and twists throughout the season to test (and tangle) the relationship between the cast, including shaking things up with new boys and women.

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So surprisingly Tuesday night episode Love Island UK Everyone (especially the audience) was shocked to see a new contestant arrive: David Sunclimenti. Why is that? When he joined the cast at the villa, he was given the power to pair up with any girl on the cast. And in the first reunion of the season, David chose Gemma WayneHer recent breakup with a 22-year-old masters student Liam Levelin From South Wales. David explains his decision to reconnect:

“It’s not just an attraction. Yes, she is a wonderful girl. We had a really good time and I want to know more about him. “

But many fans have a problem with this match – David is 27 and Jemma is only 19! Many visitors were flooded Twitter Outraged that a teenager was not only allowed on the first show but also met someone who was 8 years older than her and at a completely different stage of her life than hers. Even more, fans were disappointed by the fact that David revealed at one point in the episode that he was usually dating younger women. Social media users revealed:

“ewwww I’m sorry but why David wants to meet a 27 year old one 19 year old.”

“Keep Jemma away from David. She’s a teenager and she’s about 30. I’m not here for that.”

“19 and 27 is a crazy age gap. Jema’s age means I can’t see him with any of them. It just feels wrong. “

“Please, please, the minimum age required is 21 years. I don’t want to see a 19 year old kissing someone who is pushing 30 years.”

What will happen Jema And David Even talk about? What do a 27 year old and a 19 year old even have in common? Please

“I find it very disturbing that there is an 8-year difference between Gemma and David when she’s just 19 years old. She’s a bit fat and nobody matures at 19. I think the minimum age to enter this show should be higher, the difference in maturity. Will be “

“Some people just missed the point with Gemma and David – it’s not just the age difference. It is true that they have 2 different life stages. She’s a teen and she’s in her thirties. I would say the same thing if the role was reversed. “

“With a 19-year-old and a 27-year-old man, I can tell you that there is a problem with the age difference. You are at different stages and on different pages at that time. Does David know she’s just a teenager? “

Some have specifically mentioned how “completely bizarre” it was to cast Jemma, especially considering how several former cast members have dealt with mental health issues since the show. Refers to competitors Mike Thalassitis And Sophie GraydenAs well as the host Caroline FlackThe man who committed suicide tweeted:

“While past events have demonstrated the potential risks to competitors’ mental well-being on Love Island, it seems to me utterly bizarre and irresponsible that the producers will decide to mix a teenager this year.”

What do you think about the age gap between Gema and David, Perezius readers? What do you think Island of love Need to increase age? Word off (below) with your response to the comment.

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