Farah Abraham addresses rumors that he is dating Mac Lovat!

Earlier this week, Farah Abraham was spotted enjoying the company of an unknown male partner.

Farah and his mysterious man were packing in the PDA, and it seemed they didn’t care who saw them.

In fact, it looks like they are putting on a show for the camera and hoping that the news of their public makeout session will go viral.

That is, above all, the kind of behavior that Farah has engaged in throughout his career.

Farah Abraham Video Selfie

But it seems that his latest love interest is not interested in this kind of stunt

The man who kept his tongue under Farah’s throat is now identified as Mac Lovat.

He’s a Los Angeles-based musician, and while it’s not clear how Mac and Farah met, they certainly seem to be enjoying their Hollywood date night the most.

Farah Abraham video still

They shared a meal at the sushi restaurant Yamashiro before shaking hands with each other on the park bench.

Again, these two weren’t exactly subtle.

“I decided not to date Mac. She didn’t get the public’s attention,” she said.

Farah Abraham gets angry

“I’m more confident in my life at the moment and while I’m dating new terms and conditions from my 12-step policy program and making it easier, I’m looking forward to dating because I’ve been the happiest person in my life so far and I love it. I want to share with. “

Farah also suggested that his daughter, Sophia Mack, may not be approved – at least we don’t think so.

“I know he won’t approve,” Abraham said.

Farah Abraham flips out

“I’m looking forward to meeting my daughter with someone who deserves to be embraced by our family because I’ve known her for 10 years since we’ve dated her. Good. My parenting style. “

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Mack aint for me either.

Farah returned to rehabilitation in March, and when she was less than two weeks old, she said she was a changed woman nowadays.

Farah Abraham in a podcast

Farah has also recently celebrated a birthday, and she has been intimidated by restaurant waiters and seems to have been forced to sing to her on the big day, as most of the celebrations have been steadily cooler.

“My 31st, the one I’ve been waiting for … is here,” Farah wrote on Instagram

“Peace, healing and blessing, the best gift in the whole world @ SophiaBraham.”

Confessional picture of Farah Abraham

For what the future holds, Farah recently suffered a “midlife crisis” (yes, nowhere near 31 middle-aged, but whatever) and decided to become a comedian.

“I’m at a university full time and working on my comedy TV specials,” she told Ike! News.

“I need someone who can hold me and not make me feel like a sugar mom.”

Farah Abraham brings sick news

Farah’s command of the English language is not particularly strong, but he can really stand up and succeed.

After all, millions of people have been laughing at him for years!

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