Farah Abraham is now terrifying the waiting staff with her breasts

Last week, Farah Abraham portrayed himself as harassing employees waiting at a British restaurant.

There was that frustration about not having a candle on his (untimely) birthday cake or being serenaded by the waiters.

Now, Farah is again clashing with the waiters, this time politely asking her to wear a shirt to lunch so that her nipples can be hidden.

At the moment, Farah is still complaining … but also chooses to take it as a compliment.

Farah Abraham through the pink filter

Again, Farah Abraham himself is uploading his most embarrassing video

This time, he is sitting at a table with his 13-year-old daughter Sophia.

While eating out, the two of them are enjoying pink pancakes (at least, they are supposedly pink … the whole thing through a pink filter).

Farah Abraham gets angry

Farah is wearing a white crop top over her bikini, which is blue.

“I was told to wear a top,” he complained to the camera.

Farah points out: “I have a top.”

Farah Abraham brings sick news

“Basically,” Farah insisted, “it looks like I’m wearing a bikini.”

He called the restaurant “really rude” and told her to adhere to its dress code.

“I was told to wear a top,” Farah complained, “but no one else at my party did.”

Farah Abraham in a podcast

Okay, her 13-year-old daughter seems to be wearing a slightly different outfit, fortunately, so Sophia didn’t make a similar request.

However, Farah decided to re-frame it as “blessed” in light of his bust.

“That means I have enough breasts that actually bother people,” Farah decides to believe.

Farah Abraham in a shiny bikini

There is a lot to be said for the irrational way in which human bodies, especially women’s bodies, are policed ​​in our culture.

It’s a curious thing when half of the population is supposed to keep their chests covered at all times.

Even people wearing “inadequate” coverings on the breasts can be embarrassed and embarrassed.

Farah Abraham flips out

We are sure that, in Farah’s mind, this was another sexist “hate crime” against him.

Sexuality is horrible and hypocritical. But … what is really happening here?

Because it’s not about hanging out at Farah beach (although he recently suffered some nip slips while doing it). It’s about her eating at a restaurant.

Farah Abraham speaks

There are many extreme sexists in our society, but “no shirts, no shoes, no services” is just as gender-neutral.

Considering how much fabric Farah wore before giving the crop top, perhaps a man could get the same request.

Sex is always irrational. A restaurant that politely enforces a unisex dress code is completely legal, and usually right.

Confessional picture of Farah Abraham

This subtlety may or may not be lost from Farah, as there are many. He has a troubled history.

No one reasonably hates her for having her breasts, or even for enlarging them … even though not everyone needs every detail of her every procedure.

But Farah’s tendency to embarrass himself is to side with his habit of verbally blaming service workers, who are simply doing their job and surprised by his behavior.

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