FBI arrests Tiger King star Doc Antel for money laundering

It’s a lot to see Doc Antel Facing more legal trouble!

According to TMZThe King of the tigers Star, real name God is the antWas arrested by The FBI June 3 in Hori County, South Carolina. Although it was not immediately clear what caused the 62-year-old foreign animal owner to be detained, federal law enforcement sources close to the investigation later told the outlet that the allegations were related to money laundering. Prison documents also show he is still in prison J. Ruben Long Detention Center.

Doc, whose owner Myrtle Beach Safari In South Carolina, fame is gained through his presence in the first season Netflix Documents Tiger King: Murder, mayhem and madness. He was the focus of the spin off then Tiger King: The Dock Ant Story In 2021.

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This is not the first time a zoo owner has been in trouble with the law. He was charged with two felony counts of felony criminal mischief and conspiracy to commit felony criminal mischief after an investigation proved he smuggled lion cubs between South Carolina and Virginia. In addition, Doc was charged with 13 counts of endangered species law violations and conspiracy to commit animal cruelty. He said TMZ At:

“I am horribly shocked and disappointed by the allegations made against me by the Virginia Commonwealth and how they tried to involve my daughters in this. I clearly deny any act or behavior that could ever be considered ‘animal cruelty’.”

The trial is set to begin in July.

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[Image via Horry County Sheriff’s Office, Netflix/YouTube]

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