Finding Sister’s Wife Fans on TLC: Stop the Winder Family! Please!

Sister looking for wife?

Something more like finding a spinoff for former Seeking Sister Wife cast members!

As TLC confirms a new season of this controversial reality show, with so many new stars making their debut this month, a handful of long-time viewers have a simple request for the network’s executives:

Out with new! Old with!


As you may have heard, Daniel and Garrick Maryfield will be back for Season 3.

Sidian and Tosha Jones will do the same.

Colton Winder and his wives, however?

To the surprise of many followers, the answer is yes No..


“As some of you have seen, we will not be back in Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife,” the family wrote in a statement on Instagram on March 31, 2022, adding:

“It’s understandable to us why we weren’t backed up, because we saw the show take a different path.

“We wish other families well, and we are grateful to TLC for the opportunity to tell our stories, and we will continue to tell our stories on our social media, faithfully and honestly.”

So, no hard feelings. At least not from Winders.

So long, the Winder family!

But from their fans?

Many are flooding Reddit and other platforms to break up families for TLC, giving Colton and company their own programs.

“I’m sorry the Winders didn’t come back. They had a nice palate cleaner among all the lunatics. Disappointed that Ike is still hiding around,” wrote one user in response to the news, adding another:

“I want TLC to give them their own shows. Not necessarily to add a wife, I’ll see them plan their meals and work on the farm.

“They are very healthy.”

Colton Winder family photo

In fact, they are … most notably when you compare Winders with Snowden (Dimitri and Ashley), a couple who were accused of multiple abuses and / or assaults by various past partners last year.

At least one woman said Dimitri raped her.

We’re talking really scary things.

But at least Snowden has not been called back for Season 4.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 Poster

A third Reddit poster, meanwhile, learned of Winders’ absence in upcoming episodes and wrote in response:

“The Winders is the only polygamous family I’ve seen on TV that actually makes plural marriages better.”

Colton and Tami Winder are the parents of daughter Sadie, where Colton and Sophie share a son, Ephraim James.

One reason to consider them so related is sad: In 2019, on their family blog, Throopal revealed that both Tami and Sophie were struggling with infertility.

Colton Winder

“As far as our family is concerned, we are disappointed that we have not yet been able to have more children,” they wrote at the time.

“For some of us, it’s harder than planning a monthly.

“Sometimes, no matter how much we want to implement the plan, they don’t and that’s why we keep thinking.”

Seeking Sister Wife is broadcast on TLC on Monday night at 10 / 9c.

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