Former bachelor Beka Kufrin has defended her decision to propose to Thomas

Beka Kufrin It’s all laid out there! TBH, she did just that last month when she turned over the script and asked her man to marry her – and now she’s defending the decision again!

32-year-old ex Bachelorette He is now talking about his unconventional proposal to his fiance Thomas JacobsWhere She The proverbial question about getting down on one knee and marriage popped up and happily.

In a new chat with a former colleague Bachelorette Michelle Young On them Bachelor Happy Hour The podcast reveals Minnesota-born reality TV alum’s decision to move on to the wedding hour with Jacobs.

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Condemning the traditional view of proposing marriage to a man, Kufrin explained to Young that he had heard all sorts of complaints about being “desperate” because he was the one asking the question!

Kufrin further commented on the negative reaction to his proposal, saying:

“Like humans, ‘he’s desperate.’ ‘I will never allow a woman to propose to a man.’ ‘I’ll never do that.’ It’s nice, cool, that you are. But why it, as a woman, makes me desperate to make a wish [propose] To someone? If Thomas had done exactly the same thing in a week, no one would have said he was desperate. It doesn’t mean anything to me. The logic is not there. “

OK !!!

And fortunately, it seems that Jacobs Baker didn’t feel any negativity about the unexpected offer. He claimed that he was “so grateful” for the moment and “did not mind” the role.

In fact, Jacobs himself chimed in on the new podcast episode. Full of hope and love for her other half, the 29-year-old real estate broker explains how she responded to the life-changing question:

“I am just happy to be able to feel it. I am more fortunate to have it with me [Becca]. And I’m excited for this life. “


The pair also have a lot to offer in the future. For one, the former ABC Television personalities plan to combine their current titles with a hyphen when they have children. They have not yet decided on the name order, but they do know the meaning behind the decision.

Beka explained:

“We will hyphenate our children. They are both of us. “

Jacobs supported her in every way, noting how her now-fianc’s late father deserved an inheritance as part of a soon-to-be-famous family:

“Since Beka has lost her father and this is her and her sister, I don’t want to see a scene where a Kufrin is not roaming the world.”

That really warms our hearts!

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Thoughts have come all the way since these two met in the seventh season Bachelor in Paradise Where they are today is very inspiring! And all the name-hyphenation conversations make us even more excited for the future because they hope to move towards fatherhood together!

However, what do you think about the reversal of the role of the proposition, Perezius reader ?? Are you thrown by it ?! Or do you agree with Baker on this ??

Sound off with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via Becca Kufrin/Instagram]

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